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The story that made me weep for America

No 191 Posted by fw, June 10, 2011

Down and Out in America

This heartbreaking image is from a video that accompanied Democracy Now’s poignant story, Dale Maharidge’s Chronicles of Widely Ignored U.S. Working Poor Inspire Music of Bruce Springsteen, which was featured on today’s program. Since the images tell the story far better than words ever could, below is an embedded version of You Tube’s video. (Alternatively, watch the entire story, with videos and transcript, by clicking on the linked title above to the Democracy Now website).

Re the title of this post, I weep for America as a whole because I feel as much compassion for the have’s — the affluent, the rich, super-rich and famous of America — who appear to be just as trapped in their cultural, social, ideological and psychological prisons of wealth as the poor are in their economic prisons of poverty.

Part 1: Widely Ignored Working Poor Inspire Music of Bruce Springsteen – Democracy NOW!

RELATED READING — Two books by Dale Maharidge

  • Journey to Nowhere: The Saga of the New Underclass. “The book [now out of print but still available from used book outlets] came out in 1985 to mixed reviews and sold less than 15,000 copies. It was a painful book, full of searing portraits of unemployed steelworkers and modern-day hobos traveling the country on freight trains. The pair had many memories of crisscrossing the country on assignment for the Sacramento Bee, living among the new homeless during the recession of the early ’80s. ‘We were young,’ Maharidge says. ‘We used the book as a springboard and forgot about it.’ ” (Excerpt from an April, 1996 review in the American Journalism Review).
  • Someplace Like America: Tales from the New Great Depression. Check out Maharidge’s blog, where he blogs about developments on his new book, a coming feature film and documentary based on it, and his obsession with the back streets of America.
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