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Music and poetry for dissidents: Ravel, Dharker, and McLachlan

No 183 Posted by fw, May 31, 2011 “Those who choose to take an active stand against a regime they regard as immoral in some way or another, to be … Continue reading

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Charles Dobson wants to increase citizen involvement in finding solutions to the big problems we face

No 182, Posted by fw, May 29, 2011 “Experts know the overarching solution to all of the big problems we face. You can find it in the last 10 pages … Continue reading

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“What we love we must protect because that’s what love means.” Let Sandra Steingraber’s words ring out across this continent.

No 180 Posted by fw, May 27, 2011 “Every morning before my kids go to school I fill their water bottles from the same tap before they get on the … Continue reading

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Why you can’t “green” capitalism

No 178 Posted by fw, May 21, 2011 Seems like everyone these days is hopping on the green super-train to sustainability. The words “green” and “sustainability” are getting lots of … Continue reading

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How resilience thinking can turn crisis into opportunity

No 177 Posted by fw, May 19, 2011 The following post is taken, in part, from an article, On resilience, by Carl Folke, which appeared in Seed Magazine, 2010. I … Continue reading

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Economics prof warns U.S. is precipitating another global financial crisis

No 174 Posted by fw, May 14, 2011 Paul Jay, Real News Network Editor: So, in other words, as Standard and Poor’s said: If you don’t take a position on … Continue reading

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“People aren’t stupid, but when it comes to politics they are ignorant, lazy and easily satisfied with pat answers to difficult questions”

No 173 Posted by fw, May 12, 2011 “People aren’t stupid, but when it comes to politics they are ignorant, lazy and easily satisfied with pat answers to difficult questions” That’s one … Continue reading

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Climate scientists warn Earth is in “imminent peril.” So, why the public apathy?

No 172 Posted by fw, May 10, 2011 In her 2008 paper, Atmospheric Trust Litigation, (University of Oregon), Law Professor Mary C. Wood reflected on the dire warnings of “imminent peril” … Continue reading

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Mary C. Wood, creator of road map for citizens to bring lawsuits against government

No 171 Posted by fw, May 8, 2011 “The atmospheric trust litigation part is a road map for citizens to bring suit against their government, (whether) city, state, or federal, … Continue reading

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Youth turn to legal action as means to power, as means to hold leaders accountable for climate change inaction

No 170 Posted by fw, May 8, 2011 Here, in his own words, Alec Loorz explains why he is suing the US government “for making decisions that threaten our right … Continue reading

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One amazing teen: Sued U.S. gov’t on Wed. Kicks off his “Million Kid March” this Sat.

No 169 Posted by fw, May 5, 2011 Back on November 6, 2010, I posted this piece: 16-year-old Alec Loorz organizing “Million Kid March”. The march takes place over Mothers’ Day weekend. … Continue reading

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