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Canadians “cool” on “trust, ethics, and accountability?” “Balderdash” says this Canadian

No 164 Guest post, April 28, 2011

Stephen Harper would have us believe that the electorate is more interested in the pocketbook issues of a strong economy, jobs, taxes, pensions, etc, than they are in matters such as trust, democracy, and contempt for Parliament. The Ottawa Citizen said as much in a recent article, Canadians appear cool to Liberal focus on ‘trust’. 

This narrow viewpoint may hold true for Harper’s “less well informed” core supporters (see the two previous posts), but my friend Marjorie reports that it was not reflected at the all-candidates meeting she attended. Here’s what she wrote in her spunky letter to the editor of the Citizen::


Sent: Monday, April 25, 2011 1:54 PM

Subject: Re: Canadians appear cool to Liberal focus on ‘trust’

Dear Citizen Letters’ Editor:

Re: Canadians appear cool to Liberal focus on ‘trust’

Canadians “cool” on “trust, democracy, ethics, honesty, transparency, and accountability”?  Of all the unmitigated balderdash!

A huge majority of  the more than 500  Canadians who attended the Ottawa-Orleans all-candidates meeting 21 April 2011 gave thunderous support — the largest ovation of the evening in fact — to Green Party candidate Paul Maillet when he declared these very issues to be the most important of Canada’s 2011 federal election campaign.

Deep attachment to these issues has stimulated spontaneous acts of opposition to the party held in contempt of Parliament.  High advance-poll turnouts, creative college “vote mobs” and offers to campaign by those who have never campaigned before can all be attributed to passion and urgency around these issues. Thwarting attendance of non-acolytes at Conservative campaign stops as well as attempts by CPC incumbents to avoid all-candidates meetings will not be forgotten on May 2.  After all, contempt for voters is akin to and reinforces the contempt for parliament charge.

The electorate now knows that the Conservative Party of Canada is favoured by low voter turnout.  Thus it will not be fooled by voter suppression techniques, nor by devaluing and under or mis-reporting citizen attachment to issues advanced by opposition parties which resonate deeply among Canadians who understand the increasing fragility of Canada’s democracy under Harper’s watch.


I raise my paddle in salute to Marjorie’s indefatigable, “hope springs eternal” spirit.

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