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“Election another chance to finally toss Harper out” — poll results

No 150 Posted by fw, April 8, 2011

According to an unscientific poll conducted by, as of 11:25 this morning, 299 (40%) of 756 respondents voted they were “excited about the prospect of an election: it’s another chance to finally toss Harper out!”

Click on the above link to see the latest results.

Here are the attitudinal statements and the polling results:

Like it or loathe it, we’re into another election cycle — the fourth one in the last seven years.  Which of the following best describes your attitude going into this election?

I’m excited about the prospect of an election: it’s another chance to finally toss Harper out! 40% (299 votes)

An election was an absolute necessity: between prevaricating on Crime bill costs and Bev Oda’s creative editing, government was lost and the opposition had to bring down the house! 35% (266 votes)

I’m hopeful that this election will bring about real change — if not in the make-up of Parliament, perhaps in the leadership of the main parties! 20% (154 votes)

I’m frustrated we’re going to the polls again — we’re spending $300 million on an election that won’t change anything! 12% (93 votes)

I’m underwhelmed about facing another election: sure, Harper’s made a hash of things, but the alternatives don’t inspire me much either! 12% (87 votes)

Total voters: 756

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