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In a crisis, will elite decision makers act in your best interests? Here’s how to tell.

No 109 Posted by fw, January 30, 2011 “I would like to see the rich suffer even more and — and the politicians suffer even more. . . . because … Continue reading

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“We must see climate change as an ethical problem.”

No 108 Posted by fw, January 23, 2011 When Prime Minister Stephen Harper and his Environment Minister, Peter Kent, deign to talk ethics in the context of climate change, this … Continue reading

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Two Alberta profs pitch city sustainability, resilience

No 107 Posted by fw, January 22, 2011 “To be sustainable, cities must also be resilient. They must be able to adapt and change to new circumstances as they emerge. … Continue reading

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Transition Victoria’s 2009 Strategic Plan

No 106 Posted by fw, January 20, 2011 I was rummaging through some old e-files and found this one: Victoria Region Transition Initiative: Strategic Plan, dated March 2009. Although dated, … Continue reading

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“The church, peak oil, and my old watch” A beautiful story for ugly times

No 105 Posted by fw, January 18, 2011 The following, touching story was originally published by The Oil Drum: Europe, July 24, 2010 under the title, The church, the peak, … Continue reading

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Scientists agonize over how to communicate climate change to the public

No 104 Posted by fw January 12, 2011 In an October 1, 2010 article, How Warm Was This Summer? the eminent NASA climatologist,  James Hansen — in a piece replete … Continue reading

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UK climate scientist warns we are headed for a catastrophic 4C rise in temperature

No 103 Posted by fw, January 11, 2011 “There is currently nothing substantive to suggest we are heading for anything other than a 4C [4 degree Celsius] rise in temperature, … Continue reading

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Canadian Boat to Gaza update

No 102 Posted by fw, January 4, 2011 The following message, prepared as an e-mail by Sandra Ruch on December 31, 2010, provides a summary report of six months of … Continue reading

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Defiant Free Gaza activists vow: “If governments won’t act, we will”

No 101 Posted by fw, January 2, 2011 “If governments refuse to hold Israel accountable for its war crimes against a civilian population, we, in civil society, will continue to … Continue reading

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