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“Hamilton 350” protests federal inaction and Senate obstruction on climate change

No 92 Posted by fw, December 6, 2010

Two thumbs way up to the members of the Hamilton 350 Committee who held another information picket on Saturday December 4, 2010 to raise awareness about the UN climate conference in Cancun Mexico, and to give the Harper government the finger for its continuing climate change inaction and for orchestrating the Senate’s blockage of a Commons climate bill.

Watch a 2-minute video of the Committee’s protest action here —

And high praise as well to the volunteers at Hamilton’s CATCH (Citizens as City Hall) News team for publishing the following story about the 350 Committee’s protest:

CATCH News – December 1, 2010

Another Hamilton climate action

Climate change protest is heating up in Hamilton. In the wake of the recent picket against the killing of federal climate change legislation by the Canadian Senate, the Hamilton 350 Committee is organizing an informational picket on Saturday December 4 in conjunction with the UN climate conference in Cancun, Mexico.

That conference started on Monday and the Harper government picked up where it left off in Copenhagen by receiving three “fossil of the day” awards – taking first, second and third place in the decorations of shame handed out by a network of over 400 non-governmental organizations attending the conference.

Canada got the third place award for “a spectacular year-long effort to regain its title of “colossal fossil” as the country making the least constructive contribution to the negotiations”; and secured the second place position for cutting “a lot of other things” instead of greenhouse gas emissions, such as funding for Canada’s climate science foundation and its home energy efficiency program.

The explanation for the first place position focused on the Senate defeat of the Climate Change Accountability Act that had been approved twice by the House of Commons. That led the NGOs to conclude that Canada “has a Senate that makes the US (Senate) look good” in comparison.

The Senate action has also been noted by the Hamilton 350 Committee, the coalition of environmental, community and faith organizations that is holding Saturday’s informational picket at Eastgate Square starting at 3 pm. The group says the Harper government is “disgracefully” going to Cancun “empty-handed” despite a year of dramatic evidence of global warming marked by multiple climatic catastrophes, especially in Asia.

They’re calling on Hamiltonians to remember the victims of climate change and press for serious Canadian action to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

“The last decade was the hottest on record and 2010 is on track to be the hottest single year with new temperature records already set in an unprecedented 17 countries,” says the notice of Saturday’s picket. “It has also been a year of extreme climate catastrophes that have left 56,000 dead in a 7-week Russian heat wave, over 4 million homeless in Pakistan flooding that covered an area twice the size of Lake Superior, and more than 15 million evacuated because of flooding and landslides in China.”

This year has also seen a months-long drought in the Amazon River basin that has drained its main tributary to its lowest point since 1902. It’s the second “drought of the century” in five years in the rainforest, and consistent with warnings a decade ago from Britain’s Hadley Centre that the earth’s largest jungle could be destroyed by global warming before 2050.

On November 19, the 350 Committee led about 60 people to protest the Senate action with an hour-long picket in front of the Federal Building on Bay Street. Participants included MPs Chris Charlton and David Christopherson who both spoke briefly at the end of the rally.

The December 4 action outside Eastgate Square is intended to highlight the evidence of climate change and the particular evidence from 2010 including the weather disasters in Russia, Pakistan and China.  The Committee is urging residents to direct some of their Christmas monies to international relief agencies, as well as provide relief for the planet “by cutting our overconsumption during the holiday season”.

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