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Post Carbon Institute presents 300 years of fossil-fuel growth in 339 seconds

No 89 Posted by fw, November 20, 2010

A tip of the hat to the Post Carbon Institute (PCI) for presenting this brilliant video, which captures 300 years of fossil-fueled growth in 339 seconds.

About the Post Carbon Institute: Post Carbon Institute aims to integrate and connect high-level thinking with on-the-ground action. The core focus of its approach is to bring together the best ideas and models for transitioning from the carbon-addicted world to the post-carbon world as quickly, equitably, and sustainably as possible. PCI has four primary goals:

  • Build awareness and understanding. Business as usual if failing us. But most people struggle to understand why, and what to do instead. PCI’s aim is to help people face reality, understand the true nature of the crises at hand, and take thoughtful, confident action.
  • Foster collaboration. The worst thing one can do in a crisis is “go it alone.” Thankfully, a growing community of people is passionately addressing the pressing economic, energy and environmental concerns that threaten society. Too often, these efforts work in isolated silos. PCI’s goal is support true collaboration that sees both the causes and solutions to these crises as interconnected.
  • Integrate knowledge. Individual approaches and solutions to one concern can sometimes exacerbate other problems or escalate an overall crisis. Just one example: most climate change models originally failed to incorporate peaking fossil fuel supplies into their projections. PCI takes a whole systems approach, aimed at ensuring that solutions amplify, rather than cancel out, one another.
  • Inspire action. The sheer enormity of the challenge at hand and the uncertainty of times ahead can lead to fear, hopelessness or paralysis. PCI offers people and communities with concrete, practical, and replicable actions they can take to build resilience and manage the transition ahead.

Supporting Transition Initiatives is one of PCI’s program areas. It works closely with Transition US—the national support hub for Transition Initiatives in the United States. This unique collaboration brings PCI’s knowledge and ideas to the Transition movement and provides the Institute with immediate feedback on emerging models and on-the-ground challenges and opportunities.


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