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Oct 2, 2010 — Will this be a watershed day for U.S. Progressives?

No 72 Posted by fw, October 2, 2010

Hundreds of thousands of activists are expected to be in Washington, DC today, Saturday, October 2 for the massive One Nation Working Together march and rally. You can watch it all live on the special stream of Free Speech TV. Hosted by Thom Hartmann and Laura Flanders, the  full-day broadcast will feature main stage speeches, interviews with organizers and analysts and reporting from the crowd. Watch it in this space on Saturday, October 2, from 11:00am to 5:00pm EST.

As a lead up to today’s march on Washington, The Real Network’s Paul Jay interviewed Steve Cobble, Tim Carpenter, and David Swanson, board members, Progressive Democrats of America:

Reminded of FDR’s famous challenge to protesters in the ’30s, “Make me do it” (uttered not in a dismissive tone), progressives have united to “make Obama do it” — to match his stirring rhetorical flourishes with bold deeds to help Main Street Americans not Wall Street elites.

Steve Cobble: “We’ve got to march and vote . . . we have to hold off these guys because they’re crazy and they’re mean”

Here’s a transcript of part of what Steve Cobble said in Paul Jay’s interview:

“I actually think the one nation idea is a counter to the Glen Becks and the Rush Limbaughs who are trying to divide us. We did something historic two years ago. We assembled a coalition that had never been assembled before. We expanded the Democratic Party beyond what they ever thought they would — or most of them actually even wanted — and we elected a black man president of the United States, which most of the world never thought we would do. We should have been surprised at the strength of the backlash. This country was founded in slavery and segregation and Jim Crow lasted for 400 years. And we have sat around for a year and let the backlashers take the streets up. When we get progressive stuff done it’s not just when we vote – but we do have to vote and we have to vote in a month, we have to hold these guys off because they’re crazy and they’re mean – but we have to march too. When we march and we vote then we move the nation. . . . So through the Civil Rights Movement, the Women’s Movement, Vietnam, the environmental – when we were marching and voting we got stuff done. When we weren’t voting or when we stopped marching, we get put on defence. And we’ve been kind of Waiting for Godot for the last year, waiting for Barack Obama to step up and read the polls that show that half of America wants him to focus on jobs, and for whatever reason they haven’t done that and they may pay a price at the polls next [month]. The problem is that people that will be hurt the worst are the people that need the jobs, the people that are in poverty, the people whose homes have been foreclosed, and, of course, people in other countries that are getting hit by drones.”

March and vote. Is there a message here for progressive Canadians? God how I hope the U.S. activists pull this off today.

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