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Just Imagine! Windsor-Essex as a Transition County!

No 47 Posted by fw, August 23, 2010

Just Imagine! If Windsor-Essex were part of the Transition Movement, the post below shows the kinds of events its members might be hosting, organizing, sponsoring for local residents and visitors to enjoy.  In fact, the content is copied from Boulder County’s Eat Local website, which I believe, is either part of or affiliated with, Transition Boulder. All the links are live and will take you to the actual Boulder Eat Local site.

W I N D S O R – E S S E X   C O U N T Y

Transition Windsor-Essex Hosts EAT LOCAL! Week, Aug. 28 – Sept. 4

…EAT LOCAL! Week begins with publication of the Fall Edition of Windsor-Essex’s EAT LOCAL! Resource Guide and Directory (30,000 copies to be distributed; online edition at ), featuring the 10% Local Food Shift Challenge and Pledge, and continues for a full eight days of fun activities aimed at raising awareness about the benefits of eating locally: including food film screenings, restaurant specials, outstanding speakers, chef demonstrations, cooking classes, farm and garden tours, and potlucks. . . . Read More »

Food and Farming: The Hub of Planetary Transformation

At the moment we’re spending about $700 million a year on food. From all that we can tell from the limited data that’s available, less than 1% of that is being spent on food being grown in Windsor-Essex. That’s a tiny, tiny amount. So currently, our foodshed, which is kind of like a watershed, stretches across the globe. We’re bringing in food from China, South America, Europe, and as the industrial agricultural system begins to fail, we have no choice but to shrink our foodshed to be much, much more local. And it looks like we don’t have much time to do that… Read More »

VIDEO: Detroit PBS TV Host Takes a Look at Windsor-EssexTransition Movement

The Transition movement in Windsor-Essex was the focus of an hour-long prime time Detroit PBS show in Detroit-Windsor on Aug. 18, in a program titled “Transition Cities”. Read More »

Local, and Improving All the Time: Windsor-Essex Farmers’ Market a Gem

…The market is in year two. The growth has been thoughtful and measured so far. The nonprofit Windsor-Essex County Farmers’ Market has prepared food vendors and meat sellers and special events. Read More »

Food from the Backyard

…Last fall we expanded our backyard food garden by about a fourth with a sheet mulch method of putting down cardboard directly on the lawn, then layering cow manure, horse manure, straw, amendments (powdered sea kelp, ground rock) and dead leaves into a foot-thick pile that slowly decomposed over the winter to form very nitrogen-rich soil. Before learning this method from Sandy Cruz, a permaculture teacher in the Windsor-Essex area, in past years we would purchase and haul in bags of potting soil and compost from the local nursery or Home Depot to expand our garden. No more of that! Read More »

Designing for Backyard Change: Practical and Innovative Chicken Coop Designed by St Clair College Students

Backyard farming seems a bit counter-intuitive. Why take time out of our daily routine to grow food at home when we can just buy it at the grocery store? Isn’t saving our time and effort part of the reason we work long hours and strive to make money? These questions seem to be ingrained in our culture’s DNA. Convenience is important, but so is preserving the environment, teaching children how to grow food, and building community resiliency. Yet there is an easy way to balance these values: practical and enjoyable design. Read More »

Windsor-Essex Restaurants Buy Close to Home

Committing to buying locally used to mean eating at restaurants was a no-go. However, an increasing number of Windsor-Essex establishments are seeing the benefit in offering food grown within the county’s limits. Some restaurants, such as the famous breakfast spot, Lucile’s, has taken it even one step further by planting their own extensive garden in the county. While this home-grown produce is only available seasonally, long-time Chef Mickey Samuels says customers really notice the difference. “What better local stuff can you get than growing it yourself?” he says. Read More »

VIDEO: Joel Salatin on “Change We Can Eat”

On March 19, Green Farm’s Joel Salatin spoke before a crowd of more than 700 people at a seminal regional event put together by the newly-formed Windsor-Essex Permaculture Institute. The impressive turnout and very enthusiastic audience response is a signal that a true revolution in local food and farming is underway. Below is a video of Salatin’s rousing presentation. Read More »


Visit Transition Windsor-Essex Event page for complete details and registration
Saturday, August 28
7:00pm EAT LOCAL! Week Kickoff
Blues and Greens Restaurant
Sunday, August 29
1:30pm Old Fashioned Ice Cream Social
Sandwich south lawn
7:00pm A Taste of the Local Food and Farming Revolution!
Monday, August 30
7:00pm FRESH! New Thinking About What We’re Eating
Windsor Central Public Library
Tuesday, August 31
1:00pm EAT LOCAL! Film Festival
Palace Theater
Wednesday, September 1
7:30am 5% Local Community Giving Day
Windsor-Essex Farmer’s Market
1:00pm EAT LOCAL! Film Festival
Palace Theater
Thursday, September 2
5:30pm Flat Iron Chef
Local Food Cook-Off
Friday, September 3
9:00am Local Foodshed Commons and Conference
University of Windsor
6:00pm EAT LOCAL! Celebration
Millennium’s Outdoor Pavilion & Gardens and Thyme on the River REGISTER ONLINE NOW

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