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Desperately seeking Sandra. The “unaccountable” Windsor MPP Pupatello.

No 43 Posted by fw, August 12, 2010

Welcome to my website! I hope it serves as a resourceful tool for you in finding the information you are seeking. I am always amazed by the wealth of information that is found on the Internet. Unfortunately, sometimes it can get pretty frustrating trying to find exactly what you are looking for.” From Ontario MPP Pupatello’s website.

Hon Sandra Pupatello, MPP (Windsor West)

Dear Sandra:

You are surely right about one thing: It has been pretty frustrating for my wife and I to find exactly what we’re looking for — a meeting with you!

Thirty-seven days ago, on July 6, 2010, we emailed you to express our deep concern about the “Ontario Liberal’s draconian and non-transparent use of the Public Works Protection Act to exercise virtual martial law during the G20 Conference in Toronto.” As your riding constituents, we invited you “to meet with us in Windsor to get your full explanation and assurance that our government will NOT resort to this legislation in future, which effectively curtails the Charter rights and freedoms of its citizens.

Incidentally, you can see a copy of our original letter here on my blog.

Three follow-up phone calls drew this same reply from your constituency staff: “We can’t find any record of your email, Mr. White” — even though, on each occasion, I had re-sent a copy of the original message.

Third time lucky? On August 5, I received this email from your Windsor office: “Thank you for resending your email. I’ll be in touch with you fregarding (sic) a meeting either with Sandra or with her Special Assistant, Marion Fantetti.

That was a week ago.

If these were not intentional snubs, Sandra, at the very least they have undermined our confidence in you and your support staff.


Frank White & Helga Wintal

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