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Lament for Canada’s Partners for Climate Protection (PCP) program: Pt 1/2: What is PCP? Why and how does it exert influence on municipal climate change policy?

No 36, Posted by fw, July 31, 2010 lament n. 1. a feeling or an expression of grief, a lamentation; 2. a formal expression of sorrow or mourning, esp. in verse … Continue reading

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Transition movement: current successes, future prospects

No 35, Posted by fw, July 23, 2010 “My research has focused on the present. However, while Transition has been ‘successful’ in expanding its network, looking to the future it … Continue reading

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“Lily’s Chickens” — A love story

No 34, Posted by fw, July 15, 2010 “My daughter is in love. She’s only five years old, but this is real. Her beau is shorter than she is, by … Continue reading

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Holding Ontario Liberals to account for G20 outrage

No 33, Posted by guest Helga Wintal and fw, July 6, 2010 “Political urgencies come and go, but it`s fair enough vocation to strike one match after another against the … Continue reading

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Barbara Kingsolver on borders between the haves and the have-nots

No 32, Posted by fw, July 5, 2010 Barbara Kingsolver is so much more than a novelist. She’s a citizen activist. Her activism is indelibly etched in her breathtaking, at … Continue reading

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Tip of the hat to Seattle Council President for YES! Magazine article

No 31, Posted by fw, July 4, 2010 As a Canadian living in Windsor, Ontario, I rarely see an article on community sustainability or resilience by any of our city … Continue reading

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