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The rapid rise — and equally fast fall — of a Residents Advisory Panel. Part 4: In the words of Yogi Berra, “If you don’t know where you’re going, you’ll wind up somewhere else.”

No 12 Posted by fw, April 25, 2010 Let’s see. Where was I? Oh yes. I’m about to explain how I violated Charles Dobson’s single most important part of creating … Continue reading

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Kudos to Dr Andrew Weaver for launching a libel suit against the National Post

No 11 Posted by fw, April 22, 2010 Kudos to distinguished Canadian climate scientist, Dr. Andrew Weaver, for launching a libel suit against the National Post newspaper, its publisher and … Continue reading

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“And so we find ourselves in the chapter of history I would entitle: Isolation and Efficiency . . .”

No 10 Posted by fw, April 20, 2010 The following passage is an extract from author Barbara Kingsolver’s commencement address prepared for delivery at Duke University on Sunday, May 11, … Continue reading

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Looking for novel ways to express a political protest? These may inspire.

No 9 Posted by fw, April 18, 2010 How about a postcard protest? That’s what the Muskoka Arts and Crafts Inc (MAC) is doing. MAC is calling on artists from … Continue reading

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Tribute to Linda Belanger, Ottawa’s indefatigable champion for justice for the Palestinians in the Occupied Territories

No 8 Posted by fw, April 17, 2010 This morning I received an email plea for help from my friend Linda: Subject: Bil’in’s Legal Defence Needs Help Urgently. It begins: … Continue reading

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Windsor locavore seeks public support to allow city residents to keep backyard chickens

No 7 Guest post by Catherine Owen, April 14, 2010. (Wiki ‘locavore’ entry and the READ MORE links provided by fw). According to an entry in Wikipedia, a ‘locavore’ is … Continue reading

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Science guy, Greg Craven, takes on the climate-change denialists single-handedly

No 6 Posted by fw, April 13, 2010 I wonder if U.S. high school physics teacher, Greg Craven, still firmly believes what he posted on his website not so very … Continue reading

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The rapid rise — and equally fast fall — of a Residents Advisory Panel. Part 3: Importance of effective communication

No 5 Posted by fw, April 11, 2010 In retrospect, if only I had recalled Angeles Arrien’s advice about effective communication I would have bit my tongue and remained silent. … Continue reading

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The rapid rise — and equally fast fall — of a Residents Advisory Panel. Part 2: Importance of decision-making guidelines

No 4 Posted by fw, April 5, 2010 To recap Part 1 of this story, as the principal player in getting a Residents Advisory Panel (RAP) up and running in … Continue reading

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