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This is a list, in chronological order, of posts 201- 400 Just click on the title to go to the post.

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201 19/6/11 Activist Ray McGovern tells why he will be aboard U.S. boat to Gaza
202 20/6/11 The Woman, the Rabbi, the Goat and the Cow – Allegorical story about what Israel is doing to Palestinians
203 21/6/11 U.S. Christian activist risks conversation with U.S.-born face of Israeli occupation
204 21/6/11 “I have had all I can stand, Fox TV, and I can’t stand no more!”
205 23/6/11 Was Huxley right — Will our “infinite appetite” for pleasurable distractions be our downfall?
206 26/6/11 Journalists press US State Dept spokesperson on Gaza Flotilla
207 28/6/11 Is America doomed by its $14 trillion debt crisis? A BBC perspective
208 2/7/11 Citizens of Baldwin, PA target energy and natural resource companies with local “Bill of Rights”
209 2/7/11 “JUST DO IT!” scream defiant UK citizen activists in film trailer
210 2/7/11 Canada’s hip hop Sweatshop Union point the finger at — “Us”
211 3/7/11 How far should climate and environmental activists go to stop Big Oil and Big Coal?
212 3/7/11 Van Jones launches “Rebuild the Dream” organization to counter Tea Party
213 4/7/11 Greenpeace outs US scientist who received over $1m from Big Oil and Coal
214 6/7/11 Gaza blockade and Freedom Flotilla 2: Rebuttal of Windsor Star’s factually-challenged letter to the editor
215 7/7/11 Julian Assange on why we’re on the verge of a democratic power shift — and other musings
216 11/7/11 Economist Michael Hudson: How the Greek people could stiff the bankers
217 11/7/11 George Carlin’s prescient political shtick, “The American Dream”, playing out before our very eyes
218 13/7/11 Koch Bros pull strings of America’s puppet mainstream media in attack on Social Security
219 14/7/11 How angry moms helped bring down Murdoch using online grassroots campaign
220 15/7/11 Post-Copenhagen, UK climate activists split on what to do next
221 15/7/11 Montana citizens do the “Tar Sands Tabledance” in Gov. Schweitzer’s Office (video)
222 16/7/11 Ontario citizens fight US-backed billion dollar quarry project in Dufferin County
223 17/7/11 Another Ugly US company target of citizen anger – this time in Wales
224 19/7/11 Exposed — US Corporations prepare “model bills” for adoption by state legislatures
225 19/7/11 Bearing witness to Israel’s latest lawless atrocities against Palestinians
226 21/7/11 Stunning video launches Catalytic Clothing venture, which claims to “clean the air we breathe”
227 24/7/11 Fox News ridicules climate science
228 25/7/11 “All power is inherent in the people.” Community enacts this provision and more in Ordinance. 
229 26/7/11 Prof Michael Hudson: Phony debt crisis lets Obama back GOP’s pro-rich plan
230 26/7/11 It’s a “fake debt crisis,” says Executive Director of economic think tank
231 27/7/11 New research strengthens evidence that Windsor’s climate action plan is “too simplistic”
232 27/7/11 “There’s a North American strategy to take away the right to mass protest.” Michael Ratner
233 28/7/11 AL’S BACK! — Kicks off new climate campaign with 24-hr live-streamed event Sat Sept 14
234 28/7/11 Economics Prof Richard Wolff: Debt showdown is “Political Theater” — WOW! interview
235 1/8/11 BBC radio catches a glimpse of the changing face of citizen activism
236 3/8/11 “Democracy in an age without facts” — Hannah Arendt Conference at Bard in Oct
237 5/8/11 Does web journalism mean “more and more of us know less and less about what’s going on in the world”?
238 5/8/11 “Why does what’s going on in Europe matter to North Americans?”
239 5/8/11 Canada’s dirty tar sands lobby undermining EU climate change policy
240 7/8/11 Phil Rockstroh: “Why do people of the U.S. stand for this culture of exploitation and diminished prospects?”
241 8/8/11 Two new reports: Canada will not only fail to meet revised COP-15 GHG targets, “emissions will soar”
242 8/8/11 Van Jones’ Dream Campaign: Communication breakdowns threaten to turn it into a PR Nightmare
243 10/8/11 How to have a great conversation — Alain de Botton explains
244 11/8/11 In recognition of Canadians for Peace and Justice in the Middle East (CJPME)
245 13/8/11 America’s “Wasteland” – a visual prose poem by Phil Rockstroh
246 14/8/11 How to beat a powerful right-wing tribe of climate change deniers
247  16/8/11 Breathtaking acts of bravery on both sides of Israeli-Palestinian conflict (2 videos)
248  16/8/11 Greenpeace USA updates its damning 2010 expose of the Koch brothers’ destructive agenda
249  17/8/11 Financial institutions planning to use crisis to privatize and monopolize public assets
250  18/8/11 Gov Rick Perry on global warming. This is one scary dude!
251  18/8/11 Verizon workers battle corporate greed. Signs of what’s to come.
252  18/8/11 “Undocumented and Unafraid”: Defiant Fanny Martinez speaks out against Secure Communities
253  18/8/11 Did Wisconsin state Democratic party blow workers’ recall campaign?
254  19/8/11 Global economic forecast dire, no viable pushback from the left
255  20/8/11 European bailout: A classic example of human folly destined to fail says John Gray
256  21/8/11 “Stop the Pipeline” Washington protest is urgent call to build mass climate justice movement
257  21/8/11 Watch new “Tar Sands Action” video & support “Stop the Pipeline” action in Washington
258  23/8/11 Contract for the American Dream
259  23/8/11 Global financial system at risk: Caused by economic power in handful of banks + flash trading
260  25/8/11 Why are all these assaults on the global ecosystem happening? It’s the economy, stupid.
261  26/8/11 LEAD NOW is asking you to gather for a “Turning Point”
262  26/8/11 Hamilton climate activists plan 150 km Carbon Cycle for Sept 24 global day of action
263  26/8/11 Bad news for pipeline protesters today – State Dept study finds “no significant environmental impact”
264  27/8/11 Come to Ottawa – Sept 26 – Protest rally to oppose the tar sands – Come to Ottawa
265  28/8/11 We’ll camp out in DC and disrupt things until we see change in political policy says
266  29/8/11 Rave reviews for “The Young Activist’s Guide to Building a Green Movement”
267  4/9/11 Capitalism is in the process of destroying the very middle-class way of life on which it depended —John Gray
268  5/9/11 Quebec climate change participative workshops slated for Sept 23-25 and Sept 30-Oct 2
269  5/9/11 Learning opportunity for high school students interested in climate change — offered by York University
270  6/9/11 August 5, 1981 — The day America’s middle class died —Michael Moore
271  9/9/11 Best advice for climate activists from a climate campaign coordinator
272  9/9/11 Activist Victory — Canada’s Environment Minister reverses position on Maxim Power plant
273  11/9/11 Building a Social Movement: What can the African-American Civil Rights Movement teach us? Pt 1: Birth pains
274  14/9/11 Hamilton city gov’t taking action on climate change with help from citizen action groups
275  14/9/11 Climate Action Network: “It’s time to stand up for clean energy in Ontario”
276  15/9/11 Hamilton’s Climate Change Action Charter — Collaborative City-Citizen effort
277  17/9/11 What matters most is not what we believe but how we live. —John Gray
278  17/9/11 Al Jazeera provides North Americans with a Middle East perspective rarely found in our mainstream media
279  18/9/11 Gore’s Climate Reality Project – A Hit or Miss?
280  19/9/11 Small turnout for “OccupyWallStreet” protest may not auger well for major upcoming protests
281  20/9/11 Ontario Conservatives way behind Liberals and NDP in promoting clean energy policies
282  20/9/11 New Activist Toolkit hosted by
283  21/9/11 Bernie Glassman: On living a life that matters
284  22/9/11 How to communicate climate change to a bored public experiencing “climate fatigue”
285  22/9/11 William Rees: We need a mass social movement but time is not on our side
286  25/9/11 Adventure in courage: Ontario citizens determined to stop proposed US-backed quarry project in Dufferin County
287  26/9/11 Abbas’ bid for statehood exposes UN’s powerlessness and creates opening for young Palestinian leaders
288  28/9/11 Gutsy “Occupy Wall Street” protesters vow to remain until demands are met
289  29/9/11 Ontario Tory leader Tim Hudak silent on $10 billion gap in platform budget. What more would he hide from us if elected?
290  1/10/11 We are sanctified by our apathy, for if we do nothing, we cannot reasonably be blamed for anything —Will Self
291  3/10/11 Fifteen big ideas that give me hope
292  5/10/11 Capitalism on Trial Part 1 – The Morality of Capitalism
293  7/10/11 To frack or not to frack? UK debates whether to mine for cheap natural gas or develop low-carbon energy technologies
294  8/10/11 Is the rapidly growing Occupy Movement at risk of being co-opted by the “professional left”?
295 10/10/11 Capitalism on Trial Part 2 – Capitalism on the Brink
296 11/10/11 Ecosocialism: Viable and necessary alternative to capitalism?
297 12/10/11 “The intoxicating idea of revolution has filled the air.”
298 13/10/11 Power can spring up as if from nowhere when people begin to act in concert. —Hannah Arendt
299 14/10/11 Alberta family’s fight with oil and gas industry captured in acclaimed documentary film, “Wiebo’s War”
300 15/10/11 Scientists struggle to motivate US politicians and public to act on climate change
301 16/10/11 Reactionary right-wingers label Occupy protesters anti-Semitic
302 17/10/11 “America has turned agnostic” on climate change
303 17/10/11 Anti-Defamation League seems desperate to silence pro-Palestinian voices on US campuses
304 18/10/11 Ironic News Report “fractures” Natural Gas Company propaganda on fracking
305 18/10/11 Campaign to Stop the “Jewish National Fund” from stealing Palestinian land
306 20/10/11 Under Obama “Yes, we can” has become “Well, actually we’re not even going to try”—Wm. Black
307 22/10/11 Canadian Parliamentary committee on anti-Semitism accused of “misrepresentation of testimony” and “selective fact-finding”
308 22/10/11 Smackdown! — UK students mock Harper MP with ‘Greenwash Propagandist of the Year Award’
309 22/10/11 Protesters’ “Oil Orgy Strip” ridicules UK officials cozying up to Canada’s tar sands
310 23/10/11 Winnipeg’s anti-capitalist co-op for progressive small businesses and activist organizations
311 25/10/11 Capitalist free market system drives us to work ourselves to death —Michael Albert
312 25/10/11 Occupy Wall Street – An insider’s perspective on its origins
313 25/10/11 A Jewish refugee from Nazi Germany writes — I wish to tell you about Gaza
314 27/10/11 “This isn’t just an occupation, this is a decolonization. We’re here to take back everything they’ve taken from us.” —Ashley Sanders
315 27/10/11 Make the Occupy Movement a “real threat” — Bring the Assembly meeting process to neighourhoods
316 28/10/11 A Modern Greek tragedy with an Indignants Chorus of tens of thousands
317 29/10/11 Lawsuit filed against Keystone XL pipeline – Press Release
318 30/10/11 Americans “stand and cheer US Government’s new power to assassinate their fellow citizens” —Glenn Greenwald
319 30/10/11 Politicians’ lexicon of obfuscation sanitizes warfare business —Will Self
320 31/10/11 Canada and U.S. child poverty rankings near bottom among 31 countries: Social Justice study
321 1/11/11 Reporter confronts U.S. State Department spokesperson over vote to admit Palestine to UNESCO
322 1/11/11 Theodore Zeldin explains the source of “All the great movements of protest”
323 3/11/11 BELIEVE IT! — NBC News mentions “climate change” 3 times in a 2-minute story
324 3/11/11 Are eurozone leaders using phony crisis in attempt to sell Greeks and others down the river?
325 4/11/11 Gaza-bound Canadian boat, Tahrir, helps restore pride in Canadian identity
326 4/11/11 Obama to Europe “We’ll wreck your economy if you don’t wreck Greece’s economy” —Michael Hudson
327 6/11/11 Occupy Wall Street participant goes public with concerns about risk to OWS’ “inclusive spirit”
328 7/11/11 Estimated 12,000 Keystone protesters circle White House while Obama golfs
329 8/11/11 Canadian documentary filmmaker investigates Harper’s pro-Israel policies – Video
330 9/11/11 EU FRAUD SCANDAL — Taxpayer billions going to organized crime as public services slashed and jobs cut
331 10/11/11 Time out for mockery — The climate denial tango
332 10/11/11 PolySci prof offers his best advice to Occupy Wall Street
333 10/11/11 Crisis in American democracy: Part 1 – Introduction
334 11/11/11 Crisis in American democracy: Part 2 – Cynical PR manipulation of public’s attitudes and opinions
335 11/11/11 Crisis in American democracy: Part 3 – Press’ job — Keep the people stupid
336 12/11/11 Crisis in American democracy: Part 4 – America’s money-driven political system
337 13/11/11 Crisis in American democracy: Part 5 – America – An Investors’ Democracy
338 14/11/11 Crisis in American democracy: Part 6 – Labor’s struggles to build power in an “Investors’ Democracy”
339 15/11/11 Crisis in American democracy: Part 7 – The short tragic life of the “Golden Age of Capitalism”
340 16/11/11 Crisis in American democracy: Part 8 – America’s often brutal interventionist policies abroad serve corporate interests
341 17/11/11 Crisis in American democracy: Part 9 – “True” democracy is a threat to “the system of domination and control”
342 18/11/11 Crisis in American democracy: Part 10 – Elections no substitute for truly effective democracy
343 19/11/11 Crisis in American democracy: Part 11 – Is it too late to save democracy from the vice grip of corporate and political elites?
344 25/11/11 Can past social movements inform current campaigns? Absolutely, says Tim Gee in “Counterpower: Making Change Happen”
345 25/11/11 Small Ontario community leads the way to goal of carbon neutrality – Way To Go Eden Mills!
346 27/11/11 European activists push for end to trade with Israeli agricultural exporters/colonizers of Palestinian land
347 28/11/11 “Washington is waging a war against the truth.” – Julian Assange
348 28/11/11 Palestinian children emerge “scared and broken” from Israeli military justice system
349 29/11/11 Defiant, inspiring voices from Tahrir Square — “This time we won’t go home until we get all our rights.”
350 1/12/11 How a British biologist blocked American corporations from exploiting human genome research for profit
351 2/12/11 UK mock trial finds two fictitious CEOs guilty of ‘ecocide’ for extracting oil from Canada’s tar sands
352 2/12/11 “We have a dysfunctional economic system coupled to a dysfunctional political system in a kind of a spiral downturn” —Richard Wolff
353 4/12/11 Green leader Elizabeth May shatters Harper Government’s “enormous” Kyoto distortions
354 6/12/11 Greenpeace CEO calls for greater sense of urgency to drive COP17 talks forward
355 6/12/11 Building a Social Movement: What can the African-American Civil Rights Movement teach us? Pt 2: Demands of democracy
356 7/12/11 “When there is no justice, the rich win, the poor are powerless. We become tired of hearing people lie.”
357 8/12/11 Is Canada’s “commitment” to a new global climate deal just more hot air?
358 10/12/11 “Deep cuts now. Get it done!” —Youth delegate, Anjali Appadurai, reprimands COP17 delegates
359 10/12/11 Obama’s COP17 team “represents the polluters and financial elites.” —Kate Horner, Friends of the Earth
360 11/12/11 COP17 last dash deal “leaves world on a course for more than 3˚C of warming” —Pembina Inst
361 11/12/11 We need to get the court to protect farmers from Monsanto’s invasion —Farmer Jim Gerritsen
362 12/12/11 Canada legally quits Kyoto — Shameful Harper government offers “excuses” as “reasons”
363 13/12/11 “We should not take democracy as a given anymore” —Dr Heiner Flassbeck
364 14/12/11 Rocky Anderson for President – Blasts two dominant parties for sustaining “corrupt system”
365 14/12/11 British historian warns of the danger of leaving political decisions to technocrats and experts
366 15/12/11 “I think an America beyond capitalism is a real possibility” — Gar Alperovitz
367 15/12/11 How Wall Street’s strength potentially leads to an overt form of political dictatorship —John Weeks
368 16/12/11 “No one has the political will, courage or imagination to deal with the Eurozone crisis” —Ilene Grabel
369 17/12/11 Alberta’s emission reductions two-thirds short of target —Pembina Institute Report
370 17/12/11 Unyielding young Egyptian protesters refuse to succumb to military brutality — Video
371 18/12/11 Australian reporter and lawyer exposé of Israeli abuse of Palestinian child prisoners prod government action
372 18/12/11 Canadian Boat to Gaza – Looking back. Looking forward.
373 19/12/11 Durban’s legacy: A more complex, unstable geopolitical climate order emerges — Part 1
374 20/12/11 Durban’s legacy: A more complex, unstable geopolitical climate order emerges — Part 2
375 21/12/11 If Occupiers hope to bring about a “World Revolution” they must mobilize the global South
376 23/12/11 Will Republican efforts to force Obama to make hasty Keystone XL decision backfire?
377 23/12/11 Still amusing ourselves to death?
378 23/12/11 European Union protests Israeli displacement, demolition policies in the Occupied West Bank
379 24/12/11 “Counterpower” by Tim Gee — Pt 1: Activists, improve your campaigns with Counterpower”
380 27/12/11 “Counterpower” by Tim Gee — Pt 2: How Idea Counterpower helps movements win
381 27/12/11 “Counterpower” by Tim Gee — Pt 3: How Economic Counterpower helps movements win
382 28/12/11 “Counterpower” by Tim Gee — Pt 4: How Physical Counterpower helps movements win
383 1/1/12 “Counterpower” by Tim Gee — Pt 5: Use Counterpower to make it too costly for opposing elites to ignore
384 3/1/12 “Counterpower” by Tim Gee — Pt 6: Four stages of a Counterpower movement: Definition and importance
385 10/1/12 “Counterpower” by Tim Gee – Pt 7: How governments thwart action on climate change
386 11/1/12 “Counterpower” by Tim Gee – Pt 8: How governments crushed the anti-war movement of The Great War
387 13/1/12 “Counterpower” by Tim Gee – Pt 9: How Thatcher destroyed Britain’s National Union of Mineworkers
388 19/1/12 “Counterpower” by Tim Gee – Pt 10: One-stop link to previous posts in this series, and more
389 22/1/12 Harper’s Canada headed for two-tier country, one for rich, one for poor
390 23/1/12 Activists rally at U.S. courts to call for reversal of Citizens United decision
391 24/1/12 Yes Magazine’s review of a brilliant, grassroots, multi-faceted campaign to stop Keystone XL
392 25/1/12 British military wives’ moving love song to troops
393 26/1/12 “Hold Obama’s feet to the fire and present him with a set of progressive demands” —Ralph Nader
394 27/1/12 Harper uses closed-door intimidation tactics against Canadian charities over western pipeline
395 27/1/12 Extreme wealth inequality in America exposed in 2 min. 17 sec.
396 29/1/12 Let Bradley Manning know you care
397 30/1/12 Climate change in Hamilton, Ontario and elsewhere prompts local agency to act
398 31/1/12 What happened to Canada? Chris Hedges faults Harper’s rule and corporate power
399 31/1/12 Windsor Star misleads public over global warming
400 2/2/12 Ecuador’s remarkable transformation towards equitable social and economic rights under Rafael Correa

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