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This is a list, in chronological order, of posts 1801 to 2000.  Just click on the title to go to the post.

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1801  10/17/16 Breakdown in U.S.- Russia relations far worse than a new Cold War, says U.S. expert
1802  10/18/16 Team Trudeau can’t get the math right on greenhouse gas emissions, says UBC prof
1803  10/19/16 Team Trudeau resorts to bullying Wallonia region in Belgium to sign CETA, opposed by millions
1804  10/20/16 The causes of the 2008 crisis remain unresolved, any future downturn will be much worse
1805  10/21/16 Pro-Palestinian student groups silence pro-Israel bullies on four major US campuses
1806  10/22/16 Arrogant Minister Freeland misses the point — CETA is way out-of-step with public opinion
1807  10/22/16 Liberals, masters of the façade, deliver the goods at breakneck speed to the Bay Street boys
1808  10/23/16 Ten Canadian academics urge Wallonia not to succumb to our politicians’ “scare tactics”
1809  10/25/16 Israel and Palestine have crossed a point of no return, suggest Tariq Ali and Norman Finkelstein – Part 1
1810  10/26/16 Israel and Palestine have crossed a point of no return, suggest Tariq Ali and Norman Finkelstein – Part 2
1811  10/27/16 Israel and Palestine have crossed a point of no return, suggest Tariq Ali and Norman Finkelstein – Part 3 of 3
1812  11/03/16 Deep foreboding: Israel and its enablers successfully blunt even the mildest criticism of abuse of Palestinians
1813  11/05/16 Revisiting a 2015 failed attempt by European leaders to hold Israel accountable for occupation violations
1814  11/06/16 Green Party: Deep divide exposed as opposing factions face off on Facebook over BDS policy
1815  11/07/16 Trudeau’s ‘new’ approach to Israel same old tired clichés about “two-state solution, just and lasting peace”
1816  11/08/16 Osgoode Hall law prof blasts Team Trudeau for rigging procedures to ram CETA through parliament
1817  11/09/16 More Liberal duplicity – Plans to privatize public infrastructure will disproportionately benefit corporate elites
1818  11/10/16 Another broken promise? Trudeau was all for a ban on oil tankers on BC’s North Coast, until he wasn’t
1819  11/11/16 With Trump, “The American Dream” becomes America’s worst nightmare
1820  11/11/16 With Trump, brace yourselves for some serious economic changes in America
1821  11/11/16 With Trump, you get more harm inflicted on global cooperation around climate than any prior president
1822  11/12/16 With Trump, you get “the naked fist of a very frightening police state come down upon us,” warns Chris Hedges
1823  11/13/16 Democratic Party and media wrongly attribute loss to ignorance, racism, sexism of “white working class”
1824  11/14/16 With Trump, Americans get a fascist dictatorship with the most right-wing presidential agenda in history
1825  11/15/16 1300+ researchers send Trudeau letter criticizing flawed review process on energy projects
1826  11/17/16 “It’s morally irresponsible to argue that Canada has no significant responsibility in relation to climate change.”
1827  11/18/16 Green Party’s BDS compromise: advocate economic pressure on Israel, while not endorsing BDS movement
1828  11/20/16 “The Great CETA Swindle” — Now playing in Ottawa
1829  11/21/16 “The chances of staying to 1.5°C are somewhere between incredibly low and zero” – prof. Kevin Anderson
1830  11/21/16 At COP22, Canada’s Environment Minister, Catherine McKenna, gives Youth Delegation the brush off
1831  11/22/16 “We have retreated into a simplified and often completely fake version of the world” VIDEO
1832  11/23/16 CJPME applauds Liberal’s restoration of humanitarian aid for Palestinian refugees
1833  11/24/16 Author, political activist, Yves Engler reviews recent Liberal actions that reinforce Israel’s oppression of Palestinians
1834  11/28/16 Trudeau flunks review of promises made to First Nations, says Mi’kmaw lawyer
1835  11/30/16 Wake up Canada: Trudeau’s Infrastructure Bank will be a “long run theft of public dollars”, says U Waterloo prof
1836  12/01/16 Premier Wynne and other anti-BDSers cleverly lampooned to music of West Side Story with updated lyrics
1837  12/02/16 Trudeau’s cutesy tweets, photo-ops, and smiles won’t stem the outrage headed his way
1838  12/03/16 Big business, corporate media laud Trudeau for defying public opinion over pipeline approval
1839  12/04/16 Facing planet-wrecking 5.9 degrees Celsius global warming by 2100, Trudeau approves Kinder Morgan
1840  12/06/16 Green Party of Canada backs new resolution, swiftly denounced by Canada’s pro-Israel lobby
1841  12/06/16 My reply to Hedy Fry, federal Liberal MP for Vancouver Centre, re: Stop Kinder Morgan campaign
1842  12/07/16 There is a “trust deficit” that blocks communication about the danger of climate change
1843  12/08/16 Israeli citizens call on Ontario Legislature members “to vote against this patently anti-democratic Motion”
1844  12/06/16 Green Party’s new resolution targeting Israel not perfect, but is meaningful and showed weakness of Israel lobby
1845  12/13/16 Meet Gramma Tina and the Nanas, a UK anti-fracking group of moms rising up in resistance
1846  12/14/16 CETA: Hundreds of Civil society groups in Canada and Europe issue loud clear call for rejection
1847  12/16/16 Corporate globalization has crushed democratic choice, says George Monbiot
1848  12/17/16 Jobs in Canada on “a slow but steady deterioration” according to recent bank report
1849  12/18/16 We have just 5.2 years to limit warming to 1.5°C with 66% probability of success, says US prof
1850  12/20/16 Canada’s parliamentary system “is totally unsuited to deal with a large controversy”
1851  12/21/16 New court challenge to Trudeau’s cabinet approval of Trans Mountain pipeline
1852  12/22/16 Celebrity culture: harmless fun or corporate mind control?
1853  12/23/16 Capitalism is already almost dead, the end is inevitable and fast approaching, says economic sociologist
1854  12/24/16 Fraud has become the new norm in society
1855  12/25/16 President-elect Trump is purposefully planning to lead the world into a fatally overheated future
1856  12/26/16 “Democracy cannot work as it is meant to; human nature does not allow it.”
1857  12/27/16 Current political, economic, social systems have failed us – Is revitalization of the commons a possible solution?
1858  12/28/16 With his KM pipeline approval, Trudeau has said “screw you” to millennials who brought him to office
1859  12/30/16 Courageous Israeli Jew, Shirly Bahar, on why she supports boycott of Israeli academic institutions
1860  12/31/16 What’s behind the unproven US allegations of Russian hacking?
1861  01/02/17 Even with emission cuts, increasing CO2 concentrations will shatter 450ppm warning limit by early 2030s
1862  01/03/17 Introduction to the Waterloo Region Cohousing Ecovillage — for folks seeking sustainable community living
1863  01/07/17 “Kill them all.” Public outcry over guilty verdict for Israeli soldier paves way for more genocide of Palestinians
1864  01/08/17 How the fossil fuel industry became the bedrock of a capitalist system that is now an existential threat
1865  01/09/17 The ghastly reality of America
1866  01/10/17 Ghastly reality of America – Peace activists arrested for feeding Tampa’s homeless in public park
1867  01/11/17 America’s ruling class out to sabotage Trump’s inauguration, alleges former US government official
1868  01/13/17 Can a free online news literacy course teach citizens how to critically consume information?
1869  01/14/17 Hard-hitting undercover video exposes UK Labour politician’s false anti-Semitism allegations
1870  01/15/17 Warning signs of financial crisis ahead as Canadian household debt reaches record high levels
1871  01/16/17 How Western banks are seriously undermining democracy and rule of law – Evidence confirms our worst fears
1872  01/17/17 Climate change promises are in shreds as apathy, duplicity and greed hold sway
1873  01/19/17 Are Trudeau and Trump on a collision course over Russia and China?
1874  01/22/17 America’s new “Liar in Chief” begins his presidency with a couple of whoppers
1875  01/23/17 Women storm Washington: Protest March three times size of Trump’s inaugural gathering
1876  01/24/17 Anti-Trump exhortations from the magnificent Women’s March on Washington stir a nation to action
1877  01/25/17 Unbelievably, Trudeau gives two thumbs way up to Trump’s KXL approval
1878  01/26/17 Trump ignores seething public outrage, puts profits of fossil fuel industry ahead of our planet’s future
1879  01/27/17 Can a network of “rebel cities” in the US stand up to Trump?
1880  01/28/17 “Our democracies are broken, debased and distrusted,” says George Monbiot
1881  01/29/17 Emotional manipulation, distortion and lies have replaced reason in public discussion — How come?
1882  01/30/17 A tweet about America’s duplicitous Liar-in-Chief stirs remembrance of things past for Rob Hopkins
1883  01/31/17 Apocalyptic threat of climate change — Is it game over for the planet?
1884  02/01/17 High cost of Wind and Solar energy is a deal killer, says Gail Tverberg
1885  02/02/17 The Trump Gang, hijacking democratic checks and balances, is a runaway train racing toward a cliff
1886  02/03/17 Elizabeth May’s criticism of Trudeau on electoral reform and refugees amounts to “do as I say, not as I do”
1887  02/07/17 Alberta teacher petitions Canada’s Parliament to bar Trump from entering Canada
1888  02/08/17 World’s economic systems evolved to serve selfish needs of 1%, not ‘real’ needs of ordinary people
1889  02/09/17 Veil lifted on how a dark money network of US/UK corporate donors is corrupting democratic processes
1890  02/10/17 “Global warming a Chinese hoax,” tweeted America’s Denier-in-Chief
1891  02/11/17 Petition demanding Trudeau honour electoral reform promise crashes government website multiple times
1892  02/13/17 “Donald Trump’s a fucking idiot. If he’s going to believe that our voices are going to be silent…”
1893  02/14/17 “How is it possible that a nation of people felt OK with electing a self-confessed sexual assaulter?”
1894  02/16/17 Liberal gov’s pro-Israeli bias way out of touch with public’s views, according to latest poll results
1895  02/17/17 CETA deal signed but not yet sealed and delivered
1896  02/20/17 Canadian mining company invokes CETA provision to sue Romanians, demanding payment for lost profits
1897  02/21/17 Dimitri Lascaris discusses implications of new survey findings of growing Canadian support for Palestinians
1898  02/22/17 Survey says Canadians reject “criticism of Israel is anti-Semitic”, but will we now say negative things about Israel?
1899  02/23/17 Go Figure — At Paris climate talks, Trudeau committed to reduce our emissions by 18 million tons by 2030
1900  02/24/17 Tell Canada Pension Plan Investment Board to say NO to Kinder Morgan
1901  02/28/17 Providing people with accurate information doesn’t change minds
1902  03/02/17 Ralph Nader slices and dices Trump’s orchestrated speech to rigged applause of Congress
1903  03/04/17 Trump’s state of mind is symptomatic of a “grandiose delusional disorder”
1904  03/06/17 Continuing addiction to fossil fuels exposes Canadians to supersized risks to our economy and climate
1905  03/07/17 With Trump, you get an “ethics-free administration” – “they’re going to loot the country”
1906  03/08/17 “Neo-liberalism”: a four-letter word meaning “fuck the poor, disadvantaged, oppressed”
1907  03/10/17 Trudeau may charm fossil fuel fools in Texas, but informed critics back home are not so easily duped
1908  03/11/17 Trudeau’s worst nightmare? Big Oil pulling out of Alberta tar sands Big Time
1909  03/12/17 The case for removal of the “Insane Clown President”
1910  03/14/17 “Thus, it is you, Mr. President, who may well have set loose the anti-Semites.”
1911  o3/15/17 The Transition Movement: building alternative, resilient communities from the bottom up, worldwide
1912  03/16/17 Construction of Keystone XL looks like a slam dunk, right? Not so fast
1913  03/17/17 Youth-run business delivers more than healthy snacks to schools in West Philadelphia
1914  03/19/17 Yes Minister — Eighties satirical British sitcom evokes sympathy for Jim Hacker, government minister
1915  03/21/17 Atmospheric CO2 levels increasing at dramatic rate — Record level of 405.1 ppm set in 2016
1916  03/22/17 Orthodox US Jew applauds EKOS poll showing Canadians don’t share Trudeau’s pro-Israel stance
1917  03/23/17 UN Secretary General’s moral failure reflects denial of the reality of Israel’s practice of Apartheid
1918  03/24/17 Keystone XL: Trump approves permit, but fight far from over, says defiant Bill McKibben
1919  03/24/17 VIDEO: More than 15 Israeli military thugs terrorize child, age 8, in bid to find alleged stone throwers
1920  03/27/17 WOW! A showcase of Quebec’s “Social Economy”, which now accounts for 8-10 percent of its GDP
1921  03/28/17 The trouble with money – A short video introduction by Thomas Greco
1922  03/29/17 The explosion of debt is the prime cause of recurrent financial and economic crises
1923  03/30/17 New Money: UK communities hope alternative currencies will boost regional economies
1924  03/31/17 Israel employs bogus mythologies to disguise its “get rid of them” policies and violence
1925  04/02/17 Documented truth behind Israeli occupation of Palestine exposed by Israeli historian, activist, Ilan Pappé
1926  04/03/17 It’s crucial that Jews speak out for Palestinians’ human rights, say British Jews’ network
1927  04/06/17 Trudeau government obsequiously follows US lead in condemning Venezuela at OAS meeting
1928  04/07/17 Poison gas attack was pretext for US launching long-planned military intervention in Syria
1929  04/09/17 MUST READ: Glenn Greenwald’s brilliant in-depth analysis of Trump’s bombing attack
1930  04/11/17 “There was no Syrian chemical weapons attack”, claims ex-U.S. intelligence officials in memo to Trump
1931  04/12/17 Ticking Bomb: New mathematical formula predicts a classic apocalypse for Earth
1932  04/13/17 Toronto’s Jewish Defence League — violent, racist, fascist thugs, reports Yves Engler
1933  04/15/17 How to exploit Trump’s vulnerabilities – Naomi Klein explains in a short video
1934  04/16/17 Despite 22 UN COP meetings, CO2 is now increasing 60 percent faster than it was at the first COP in 1995
1935  04/17/17 Today is Palestinian Prisoners Day – Over 1,000 prisoners launched a mass hunger strike
1936  04/18/17 Trudeau’s pipe dream to ship carbon worldwide is a disaster for the planet, says Bill McKibben
1937  04/19/17 Al Gore is back with “An Inconvenient Sequel: Truth to Power”
1938  04/19/17 We are consuming ourselves to death under the banner of limitless economic growth
1939  04/20/17 How to talk about climate change at a party – Or maybe not
1940  04/21/17 Be wary of hype, Canadian cleantech companies not yet at a scale where they can be profitable
1941  04/24/17 Trudeau breaks another promise, delays methane gas regulations — Did he cave to the oil industry?
1942  04/24/17 Global emissions of greenhouse gases must peak within the next decade to meet Paris targets
1943  04/25/17 Trump’s embrace of economic ignorance could lead to disaster – Prof Jeffrey Sachs explains
1944  04/27/17 US looking more and more like a developing country, says MIT prof
1945  04/28/17 How can you tell when BC Premier Christy Clark is lying? Her lips are moving.
1946  04/29/17 Canada ready to line up behind Trump’s aggressive actions against North Korea
1947  04/30/17 “Canada’s carbon stockpile is its problem,” says Bill McKibben
1948  05/01/17 At People’s Climate March, Canadian activist blasts Trudeau’s climate policies and leadership
1949  05/02/17 More Americans now believe climate change is real, is caused by human actions, and is dangerous
1950  05/03/17 “The idiots take over in the final days of crumbling civilizations.” – Chris Hedges
1951  05/04/17 Q: Why do Western politicians support racism in Israel by suppressing free speech in their own countries?
1952  05/07/17 Green Party leader Elizabeth May appears to be ignoring Party’s sanctions policy against Israel
1953  05/08/17 Climate change wake-up call? Record floods sweep much of Canada
1954  05/10/17 UK Government’s pro-Israel stance is equivalent to supporting the ethnic cleansing of Palestine
1955  05/12/17 The World at 1℃ — taking stock of the climate crisis
1956  05/13/17 Dimitri Lascaris raises “serious questions” about Andrew Weaver’s political orientation
1957  05/15/17 Trump “seems to have a special affinity for the brutal and the barbaric” – Lawrence Davidson
1958  05/16/17 Time is not on our side – Two eminent UK scientists discuss the facts about climate change
1959  05/17/17 Time may not be on our side, but can we find ways to buy time? – Two UK climate scientists discuss
1960  05/18/17 What does it mean to say “We’ll muddle through” this crisis? It means the rich live, the poor die
1961  05/20/17 Policymakers won’t support rapid, deep CO2 cuts, but they will bet on risky geoengineering proposals
1962  05/22/17 “We old people are leaving you a frigging mess”, with a climate almost out of control – Jim Hansen
1963  05/23/17 Trudeau’s carbon reduction plan does not stand up to critical scrutiny
1964  05/25/17 Climate scientist Jim Hansen highlights selected global impacts of climate change
1965  05/26/17 Fossil fuels good, CO2 emissions bad, Exxon sold out, Politicians followed, Renewables too small
1966  05/28/17 Jim Hansen’s 4 proposed solutions to the fossil fuels CO2 emissions problem. Are they attainable?
1967  05/28/17  “We are becoming the land of the rich and the home of the bribe.”
1968  05/29/17 Is Canada’s New Democratic Party split over Israel?
1969  05/31/17 Is the United States headed towards tyranny? Pt. 1 of 2
1970  06/01/17 Is the United States headed towards tyranny? Pt. 2 of 2
1971  06/03/17 Long-term climate targets are meaningless — “The 2°C target is largely out the window”
1972  06/04/17 France cleverly rebuts Trump’s bogus justification for Paris Accord withdrawal
1973  06/05/17 UK Terror Attacks — Allegations emerge that Islamist groups allowed free movement in UK
1974  06/05/17 Real News Network creates Global Climate Crisis Bureau to combat misleading corporate TV news
1975  06/06/17 Operatic ridicule targets Trump – deservedly so!
1976  06/07/17 Trudeau slammed for deferring action on methane emissions, justifying delay with “bullshit” excuses
1977  06/08/17 Canada must expand its military capacities to play a major role in global conflicts, says Minister Freeland
1978  06/09/17 Trudeau failing to deliver on his promise of “open by default” government
1979  06/09/17 Comparing Canada’s climate change action with Britain’s – No contest, Brits win hands down
1980  06/11/17 Our chances of avoiding climate crisis are slim to none, says leading climate scientist
1981  06/12/17 Massive military spending increase signals “Canadian imperialism’s global interests and ambitions”
1982  06/13/17 Call for NDP to stand with Palestine — from Canadian academics, community leaders and organizations
1983  06/14/17 Twelve scandalous observations from an American soothsayer – an endangered species in the U.S.
1984  06/16/17 How our fake democracies fail to serve and honour “the will of the people”
1985  06/17/17 Bernie Sanders is an imperialist, fake-socialist company man for the Dems, says Glen Ford
1986  06/18/17 Growing opposition to Trump from US judiciary, legislature, media, and from overseas
1987  06/19/17 “HUMAN” – a riveting film on what it means to be human, impelling us to reflect on our lives
1988  06/20/17 Jagmeet Singh’s NDP climate plan exposes a shallow grasp of the scale and urgency of the climate crisis
1989  06/22/17 The President and Mayor – A tale of mutual denial about sea level rise
1990  06/23/17 $2.3 trillion in fossil fuel projects incompatible with global carbon reduction commitments
1991  06/24/17 Desperate oil industry lobby manipulates data to push bogus claim Canada needs more pipelines
1992  06/25/17 Sweden’s largest pension fund divests from TransCanada, claims it violates Paris Accord
1993  06/27/17 Transition from fossil fuels to 100% renewables won’t be as simple as politicians led to believe
1994  06/28/17 Alarmingly, the amount of CO2 that remains in the atmosphere is rising faster than ever
1995  06/29/17 Carlin strikes again: “America is one big lie and you are a fool for believing in it.” VIDEO
1996  06/30/17 “We will grow our economy while reducing emissions,” says PM Trudeau. Really?
1997  07/02/17 Degrowth: a way to reduce the growth imperative, while maintaining economic stability. But who’s listening?
1998  07/04/17 Disappointed that Climate Lobby Canada applauds government’s clean tech report
1999  07/05/17 Endless economic growth endangers our future.
2000  07/06/17 Alberta tar sands bust? – graph shows steep decline in project approvals since 2013


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