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This is a list, in chronological order, of posts 1601 to 1800.  Just click on the title to go to the post.

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1601  25/02/16 We’re on the edge of a cliff. It’s time for sustained acts of civil disobedience, says Jill Stein
1602  26/02/16 As McGill students vote to support BDS, Liberals shamefully vote to support Tory motion to condemn BDS
1603  27/02/16 Can a letter to PM Trudeau from coalition of 55 groups spark decisive, positive action on climate change?
1604  29/02/16 How Avaaz and other pseudo activist NGOs infiltrate and co-opt legitimate grassroots movements
1605  01/03/16 Why Bernie Sanders lost big in South Carolina and may not recover
1606  02/03/16 Profile of Trump’s supporters outlined by leading US economist
1607  03/03/16 Trudeau says Canada needs more pipelines to fund our transition to a green future. Really?
1608  04/03/16 Listen up, Mr. Trudeau, the best economist in the world just trashed the TPP
1609  06/03/16 “The truth is: there is no Canada. There is only an illusion maintained by servants.”, says ex-Ottawa U prof
1610  06/03/16 Trudeau government’s opposing BDS vote tells Netanyahu to do whatever he pleases to Palestinians
1611  07/03/15 How Wall Street transformed America into a kleptocracy, a nation ruled by blood-sucking leeches
1612  11/03/16 The only options we have left to mitigate climate change are all radical: Naomi Klein
1613  13/03/16 Trudeau and Obama agree on TPP benefits, stop short of pledging implementation
1614  14/03/16 Canadian Chamber of Commerce stupidly calls on Trudeau government to move quickly to ratify TPP
1615  15/03/16 “The more I dug into the TPP, the more trouble I found” – Michael Geist
1616  18/03/16 World on course for more than 3°C of warming, warns terrifying fact check of Paris climate deal
1617  19/03/16 “Go Ahead, Make My Day, Condemn Me” — CJPME head dares Trudeau to condemn him for BDS promotion
1618  20/03/16 BIG Money corrupt US government, no longer serves common good
1619  21/03/16 “Today’s Republican Party is one of the most dangerous organizations in human history.” – Noam Chomsky
1620  22/03/16 McGill Principal’s attack on BDS movement draws stern rebukes, concerns, and corrections
1621  22/03/16 Effort to legally block Saudi arms deal is filed by University of Montreal law professor and students
1622  24/03/16 “All hell will break loose” — Bleak picture of the planet’s future predicted by climate scientist James Hansen
1623  25/03/16 Liberals’ budget puts interests of the ruling elites ahead of middle class
1624  27/03/16 Trudeau’s Liberals break another campaign promise, won’t close $750M tax loophole for rich
1625  27/03/16 Liberals were all for openness and transparency in government until they weren’t
1626  28/03/16 Dion asks UN to review appointment of Canadian prof as Special Rapporteur in Palestine
1627  28/03/16 Impunity defines PM Trudeau’s willingness to criticize Israel
1628  29/03/16 Trudeau breaks promise, BC community blasts federal minister’s rush to approve LNG project
1629  30/03/16 Trudeau’s claim that Israel’s values align with Canada’s values offends me
1630  30/03/16 Controversial documentary gives a voice to seldom heard people in Palestine and Israel
1631  31/03/16 Naked political opportunism drives US policy toward Israel, says US historian
1632  01/04/16 Anti-BDS activism from some factions of ‘pro Palestine’ camp triggers sharp rebuke
1633  03/04/16 TPP consultations don’t meet Trudeau’s promise of “openness and transparency”
1634  05/04/16 Open letter to PM Trudeau — Why his willingness to criticize Israel is an empty gesture
1635  07/04/16 Will PM Trudeau’s and BC premier Clark’s energy policies put us all at grave risk of climate change impacts?
1636  08/04/16 Our fossil fuel driven economic growth system is reaching limits, but in a way few understand
1637  10/04/16 Why does the US media actively misinform the public? – because legally they can
1638  11/04/16 Superstar Stephen Lewis trashes Trudeau in speech at NDP 2016 convention — VIDEO
1639  13/04/16 Saudi Arabia “is a key military ally to counter ISIS”, claims Global Affairs Canada. Really?
1640  14/04/16 Premier Wynne’s trade delegation to Israel legitimizes seven decades of military brutality
1641  15/04/16 Dion’s “Secret” memo “a gem of hair-splitting, parsing, wilful blindness, and justification” for Saudi arms deal
1642  16/04/16 Saudi arms deal violates international law, says legal scholar
1643  18/04/16 Building turbines and pipelines compatible? — Do Liberals have any idea what they’re talking about?
1644  19/04/16 Dear Premier Wynne, your trade mission to Israel is reprehensible
1645  20/04/16 Life and death in Palestine: Information gift for a Premier — Day 1
1646  21/04/16 Life and death in Palestine: Information gift for a Premier — Day 2
1647  21/04/16 Life and Death in Palestine: Information gift for a Premier — Day 3
1648  22/04/16 Life and Death in Palestine: Information gift for a Premier — Day 4
1649  24/04/16 Puzzled about the difference between CO2 emissions and CO2 levels? — You’re not alone
1650  25/04/16 Life and Death in Palestine: Information gift for a Premier — Day 5
1651  26/04/16 Life and Death in Palestine: Information gift for a Premier — Day 6
1652  27/04/16 Are Liberals about to break promised moratorium on tanker traffic off BC coast?
1653  27/04/16 Life and Death in Palestine: Information gift for a Premier — Day 7
1654  28/04/16 Life and Death in Palestine: Information gift for a Premier — Day 8
1655  28/04/16 The People’s Climate Plan launched by dozens of national and grassroots organizations
1656  29/04/16 Life and Death in Palestine: Information gift for a Premier — Day 9
1657  29/04/16 Saudi arms screwup: One misleading explanation after another risks eroding public trust in Trudeau and Dion
1658  01/05/16 Trudeau was “absolutely opposed” to the Northern Gateway pipeline — until he wasn’t
1659  02/05/16 Life and Death in Palestine: Information gift for a Premier — Day 10
1660  03/05/16 Life and Death in Palestine: Information gift for a Premier — Day 11
1661  04/05/16 Life and Death in Palestine: Information gift for a Premier — Day 12
1662  04/05/16 Avi Lewis: “I think what we’re suffering from right now in our country is an impoverished political imagination.”
1663  05/05/16 Life and Death in Palestine: Information gift for a Premier — Day 13
1664  06/05/16 Life and Death in Palestine: Information gift for a Premier — Day 14
1665  07/05/16 TPP is “a bad deal that should be renegotiated or rejected and trade alternatives pursued”, says Michael Geist
1666  09/05/16 Life and Death in Palestine: Information gift for a Premier — Day 15
1667  10/05/16 Life and Death in Palestine: Information gift for a Premier — Day 16
1668  10/05/16 Fort McMurray wildfire a man-made disaster rooted in capitalists’ rapacious pursuit of profit
1669  11/05/16 Life and Death in Palestine: Information gift for a Premier — Day 17
1670  12/05/16 Life and Death in Palestine: Information gift for a Premier — Day 18
1671  13/05/16 Life and Death in Palestine: Information gift for a Premier — Day 19
1672  15/05/16 Cracks appearing in Trudeau’s platform promises to First Nation peoples, claims Kahnawake Mohawk activist
1673  16/05/16 Trump chooses reality where climate change doesn’t exist; millions in US now say Trump doesn’t exist
1674  16/05/16 Tens of thousands join disobedience actions targeting world’s most dangerous fossil fuel sites
1675  17/05/16 “It’s clear now that simply exposing big business atrocities will have no deterrent effects.”
1676  18/05/16 “Repeal Bill C-51 now”, say thousands of Canadians to Liberal Minister Ralph Goodale
1677  19/05/16 Join Canadians calling on PM Trudeau and Minister Carr to reject the Kinder Morgan pipeline
1678  20/05/16 How repetitive lying enabled Israelis to infiltrate and occupy the American mind
1679  22/05/16 Israeli “ad campaigns” duped Americans and Canadians into believing big lies about Israel/Palestine conflict
1680  23/05/16 At its heart, Israel’s propaganda campaign is grounded in fear, fear of losing monopoly control of the narrative
1681  24/05/16 Tell Airbnb to stop listing Israeli owned homes illegally located on stolen Palestinian land
1682  25/05/16 Michael Geist proposes Plan B, a bi-lateral trade option, as a preferred alternative to TPP
1683  26/05/16 Trudeau Liberals do not have a serious plan on climate change
1684  28/05/16 Pro-Israel anti-BDS movement encounters growing resistance from opposing forces
1685  29/05/16 CO2 level in atmosphere not just rising, it’s accelerating, methane levels also spiked
1686  30/05/16 BC Premier Clark’s albatross — LNG project would become Canada’s largest GHG emitter
1687  30/05/16 Despite the hype, the US road to a carbon-zero energy economy is long and daunting
1688  31/05/16 Zionist and right-wingers at Toronto’s York University fail to deligitimate and vilify on-campus BDS movement
1689  01/06/16 Canada’s system of parliamentary democracy is no closer to democracy than North Korea’s is, argues Rafe Mair
1690  02/06/16 Canadian politicians can’t have both oil and gas expansion and meet GHG targets – they need to do the math
1691  03/06/16 Pembina Institute corrects carbon pollution math of BC minister of environment
1692  04/06/16 Chinese incident exposes Trudeau-Dion’s hypocritical double standard over human rights concerns
1693  05/06/16 On LNG, Canadians were promised “intelligent leadership”, but instead get broken promises, dogmatic decisions
1694  06/06/16 If we continue with a growth-based economic system, we will be flirting with collapse
1695  06/07/16 What a post growth economy might look like
1696  06/08/16 Citizens learning how to present a unified climate justice strategy at Team Trudeau’s consultation meetings
1697  06/09/16 Foreign minister Stéphane Dion’s shameful, selective condemnation of terrorist violence in Tel-Aviv
1698  06/10/16 “Once Upon a Palestine”, a poem by Tamerishe, a UK pro-Palestinian female activist
1699  06/10/16 49 facts Canada’s politicians would rather they not know about Israel’s occupation of the West Bank and Gaza Strip
1700  06/12/16 Capitalism is heading towards collapse, and banks and political elites are trying everything to stop it
1701  06/13/16 The end of capitalism: Part 1
1702  06/14/16 The end of capitalism: Part 2
1703  06/15/16 The end of capitalism: Part 3
1704  06/16/16 The end of capitalism: Part 4
1705  06/17/16 Toronto TPP Town Hall event — remarkable passion and enthusiasm for public engagement on display
1706  06/19/16 We are on the brink of experiencing the next financial crisis, says leading financial authority
1707  06/20/16 Liberal’s proposed “oversight” of spy agencies offers “fig leaf” of protection for rights of Canadians
1708  06/21/16 At People’s Summit, Sanders calls on supporters to be focused on defeating Trump, that is, electing Clinton
1709  06/24/16 Brexit shocker – A revolt against the political establishment — Denmark and Holland will go next, says Tariq Ali
1710  06/25/16 Self-aggrandizing, fear-mongering ex-PM Mulroney delivers bellicose speech to NATO Assn of Canada
1711  06/26/16 Brexit – Chris Hedges predicts another massive bailout of the banks
1712  06/27/16 Brexit outcome reflects a key failing of modern politics and re-emergence of an unaccountable political class
1713  06/28/16 Brexit – Pondering the significance of the outcome
1714  06/29/16 Pro-Israel lobby attacks Green Party over its call to revoke charitable status of Jewish National Fund
1715  06/30/16 Two thumbs way up for Liberal government’s “Let’s Talk Climate Action” website
1716  07/01/16 Wynne considers anti-BDS motion. Trudeau values Israel as a ‘friend’. And Palestinians? Well, they die
1717  07/03/16 Obama’s “NATO needs more Canada” plays to our vanity, risks military escalation with Russia
1718  07/05/16 In response to “thousands” of emails, Elizabeth May reassures Jewish community over two proposed Party resolutions
1719  07/06/16 Trudeau’s folly – PM buys into Obama-led NATO escalation, calculated to create new markets for US arms dealers
1720  07/07/16 Citizens challenge feds’ climate action plans at two Toronto town hall public consultations
1721  07/09/16 Are we witnessing the global breakdown of social, economic, and political systems?
1722  07/10/16 Don’t ratify TPP, TTIP and CETA trade agreements, advises UN Independent Expert
1723  07/11/16 The President who wowed Canada’s Parliament fails to impress Canadian professor
1724  07/12/16 NATO Warsaw summit’s real purpose was to force western political leaders to embrace fiction as fact
1725  07/13/16 TPP/TTIP are central to Obama’s geopolitical strategy to check China’s rise and extend America’s global hegemony
1726  07/14/16 Seven years into CETA negotiations, Canadian officials continue to claim they are close to sealing the deal
1727  07/15/16 Trudeau claims far-right, corrupt Kiev government fights for same values that Canadians fight for. Really?
1728  07/16/16 The word you need to know is “Occupation” / The very definition of a land without a nation — Palestine
1729  07/17/16 US-led confrontation with Russia risks nuclear war, and exit from NATO by European partners, says Michael Hudson
1730  07/18/16 “As an American, as a Jew, and as a human, I will never stop talking about this injustice” – Anna Baltzer on Palestine
1731  07/24/16 New report documents Israel’s cruel treatment, illegal imprisonment of Palestinian children in 2014-15
1732  07/25/16 New campaign calls on Ontario government to end intimidation of pro-Palestinian rights organizations
1733  07/26/16 Here’s an interview from the Democratic Convention the likes of which you won’t soon see on CBC News
1734  07/27/16 US history prof reviews Clinton personality assessment, forecasts convention outcome
1735  07/28/16 “Clinton is against the TPP…. And so, I think it’s dead for Obama’s administration”
1736  07/29/16 Two highly intelligent, articulate women spar over whom Hillary Clinton and the Democratic Party really represent
1737  07/30/16 If Hillary were a car, Nader would declare her “Unsafe at Any Speed”
1738  07/30/16 Watch Rev Barber rock the DNC with his riveting “reviving the heart of our democracy” speech
1739  07/31/16 Trudeau leaving a trail of broken promises and misguided policy, say critics
1740  08/01/16 No public censure by Canada of Israel’s induced water scarcity for Palestinians
1741  08/02/16 “We’re in for one hell of a century and it’s too late for a soft landing,” says Richard Heinberg
1742  08/03/16 Open letter to PM Trudeau – What will it take to trigger your criticism of Israel?
1743  08/06/16 Trudeau’s broken promise to re-do the Kinder-Morgan pipeline review process squanders public trust
1744  08/07/16 Trudeau’s assault on human rights reviewed by social justice advocate
1745  08/08/16 Why the growing public hostility to neoliberal globalization? – Joseph Stiglitz explains
1746  08/09/16 Green Party of Canada adopts policy resolution supporting Palestinian BDS movement
1747  08/10/16 B’nai B’rith Organization of Canada launches personal smear attack against Green Party member
1748  08/11/16 Deeply rooted factional politics in Palestinian society is jeopardizing their own salvation
1749  08/12/16 My response to the Green Party’s request for feedback on the party’s adoption of the pro-BDS resolution
1750  08/15/16 Political activist Yves Engler blasts Canadian progressives for failing to expose acts of Canadian imperialism
1751  08/16/16 Deadly combination — By 2040 fossil fuels provide 80% of global energy, global economy 40% larger
1752  08/18/16 The Four Levels of Activism: a personal narrative by a burnt out activist
1753  08/19/16 US doesn’t care if its “sonofabitch school of foreign policy” means cooperating with bastards as long as they’re “our bastards”
1754  08/21/16 America: “In lies we trust”
1755  08/22/16 30-year reign of free trade, open markets, small government and privatization are over — Neoliberalism is dead
1756  08/23/16 Elizabeth May’s decision to stay on as leader “is good news for the Party”, says party member Dimitri Lascaris
1757  08/24/16 Recent reports claim that economic growth can continue without emission increases. Don’t believe it.
1758  08/26/16 The perils of not-for-profit, confrontational political activism in Canada
1759  08/28/16 Canada’s Green Party in crisis, two progressive members blame Elizabeth May for aggressively opposing BDS
1760  08/29/16 Ever-vigilant Zionists, out to expose anti-Semites, breed new strains of anti-Semitism
1761  08/30/16 Could Elizabeth May’s devout Anglican Christian beliefs have influenced her anti-BDS position?
1762  08/31/16 Whither the Left – or Wither the Left – in Canadian politics?
1763  09/02/16 TTIP, CETA talks stalled — Is this the beginning of the end of neoliberalism and highly financed capitalism?
1764  09/03/16 TPP not dead — US political jockeying exposes how system is played to give more power to corporations
1765  09/04/16 Trudeau preaches globalization, trade, economic growth at G20, a sure-fire neoliberal recipe for disaster
1766  09/05/16 In a Brexit-like second-chance move, 44% of Canada’s Green Party members call for a repeal of their pro-BDS vote
1767  09/06/16 Life and Death in Palestine, August 2016: The month in words and photos
1768  09/06/16 Moral idiocy refers to one’s inability to apply moral principles and values to one’s personal and professional life
1769  09/08/16 Barbaric Israeli forces “kneecap” 18 Palestinian males aged 14 to 27, threaten to “disable all the youths”
1770  09/09/16 Israel committing “genocide” against Palestinian people — allegation affirmed by legal analysis and scholarship
1771  09/10/16 On climate change, Team Trudeau reneges on Real Change promises, tilts to oil and gas ruling elite
1772  09/11/16 Extraordinary UK parliament bill seeks to allow portion of citizens’ taxes to pay for peace, not war
1773  09/12/16 Trudeau betrays promised new relationship with First Nations, BC Site C Dam construction underway
1774  09/13/16 NO TPP RENEGOTIATION — Canada agrees to move ahead quickly to adopt the US-led trade pact
1775  09/13/16 Trudeau’s neoliberals take giant step toward TPP ratification with a positive economic impact study
1776  09/14/16 24 Green Party of Canada members defend support for BDS cause, respond to Green’s BC leader’s criticism
1777  09/14/16 Philosophy prof makes compelling moral case for Canada’s Green Party to affirm support for BDS
1778  09/15/16 “May has lost a lot of support within her own party over what’s taken place so far,” says Quebec’s Green leader
1779  09/17/16 Trudeau flip-flops on election promise to amend Bill C-51 with more oversight, reduced police powers
1780  09/18/16 What does the Green Party’s hotly contested BDS policy resolution actually say? Maybe we should read it
1781  09/19/16 What is BDS? — An explanation by the Palestinian BDS National Committee
1782  09/23/16 Rebuttal of Jeff Wheeldon’s critique of the argument for adoption of BDS as a Green Party policy
1783  09/24/16 Video primer on BDS for Canadians: CJPME launches series of videos on BDS
1784  09/25/16 Israel’s ferocious campaign to break the BDS movement is slammed by Israeli human rights activist Miko Peled
1785  09/26/16 What’s driving pro-Israel / anti-Palestinian bias in Canadian media coverage?
1786  09/27/16 Israel furious over Norwegian fact-based, theatrical video. Compares it to Nazi propaganda.
1787  09/28/16 Dimitri Lascaris attempts to clarify what his Green Party BDS resolution means/does not mean
1788  09/30/16 Unimaginable brutality characterizes Israel’s colonization, expansion and expulsion of Palestine’s inhabitants
1789  10/01/16 “Free discussion is being everywhere shut down, so that we will never know who is right”
1790  10/02/16 Philosopher John Gray reflects on the many different reasons that impel humans to be violent
1791  10/03/16 US Green Party VP is crystal clear about its policy towards Israel: there must be a resolution of the occupation
1792  10/04/16 Charmers Trudeau and Notley can’t spin the math of climate change, says Bill McKibben
1793  10/05/16 Liberals fail to demonstrate commitment to First Nations and climate change concerns
1794  10/06/16 Further thoughts on the compelling moral case for Canadian politicians to affirm support for BDS
1795  10/07/16 Don’t count on Trudeau to be our environmental saviour, continue the struggle where we left off with Harper
1796  10/09/16 Elizabeth May’s mishandling of the Green’s BDS controversy bound to create disharmony in the Party
1797  10/10/16 Palestinian story CBC News didn’t report — Soldier fires flare bomb, killing Palestinian boy, setting his head on fire
1798  10/11/16 Wake up Mr. Trudeau, CETA predictions of higher incomes, more jobs based on flawed economic modelling
1799  10/12/16 Liberals inch towards TPP ratification, confirming that corporate lobbying efforts are paying off
1800  10/15/16 Under the guise of peacekeeping, Trudeau’s Canada “is simply adding to the violence of the U.S. empire”
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