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1401  17/07/15 Merkel breaks heart of Palestinian girl, reducing her to tears when told she can’t remain in Germany to fulfil her dreams
1402  18/07/15 “The Eurozone is a failed monetary union, exiting this union is inevitable,” says Syriza MP
1403  19/07/15 “We want a different European Union and we will fight for it in many ways,” says a defiant Tariq Ali
1404  21/07/15 Why political protests, strikes, elections, petitions and referendums have little to no impact on neoliberal power in capitalist states
1405  22/07/15 The drowned world
1406  27/07/15 “We have a global crisis, an emergency that calls for global cooperation to reduce emissions as rapidly as practical”
1407  28/07/15 Dutch court orders state to cut emissions by 25% within 5 years to protect citizens from climate change
1408  28/07/15 Just when you think the conflict-of-interest stench from the Harper camp can’t get any worse, it gets worse
1409  29/07/15 In shameful betrayal of leftist values, Syriza signs military agreement with Israel, ignoring its massacres of Gazans
1410  30/07/15 New study reveals huge gap between Harper’s economic rhetoric and grim reality, says economist Jim Stanford
1411  31/07/15 With words and images, Montreal Simon skewers Harper’s delusional self-promotion as Canada’s saviour
1412  31/07/15 Mocking Harper’s MP robots – This video deserves to go viral
1413  02/08/15 Harper exploits taxpayer-funded, billion-dollar loophole in his “Unfair” Elections Act
1414  03/08/15 Will Harper try to lie and cheat his way to election victory? Looks like it says Duncan Cameron
1415  05/08/15 Leadnow is pumped – “Harper wants a long election? We’ll give him one!”
1416  07/08/15 Harper flunks fact-checking test in first election debate
1417  09/08/15 Harper’s desperate 11-week campaign gamble could turn out to be his long goodbye
1418  10/08/15 Seventy? Yikes! 70! — That’s the latest count of number of abuses of power by Harper and Cons
1419  11/08/15 NDP caves to smear campaign against Nova Scotia candidate’s anti-Israel comments, accepts his resignation
1420  12/08/15 Bad News – If we don’t change course, industrial civilization will collapse within 30 years
1421  12/08/15 Tell the NDP to support – not silence — candidates who speak the truth about Israel’s ethnic cleansing of Palestinians
1422  13/08/15 British petition demands arrest of Netanyahu upon arrival in UK next month
1423  14/08/15 How political, corporate and special interests manipulate and distort news and information
1424  14/08/15 “Mulcair’s position on Israel/Palestine is the same as what I hear from Israeli representatives”
1425  15/08/15 Call for reinstatement of former NDP Nova Scotia candidate forced to resign over alleged anti-Israel comments
1426  16/08/15 “The only way to turn off the heating of the earth is to terminate civilization”, says prof. Guy McPherson
1427  17/08/15 “The development of full artificial intelligence could spell the end of the human race”, says Stephen Hawking
1428  18/08/15 Proposed new models of capitalism actually inhibit real system change and strengthen the status quo
1429  19/08/15 Want to create strong and resilient communities? Strong Towns USA may just have the answer
1430  20/08/15 Strong Towns offers an alternative to conventional but flawed urban planning policies and strategies
1431  21/08/15 NDP perpetuates perverse ideas about anti-Semitism promoted by Israel lobby — by barring 2 candidates
1432  24/08/15 NDP dodges request to explain why Wheeldon’s comments were “unacceptable and contrary to NDP policy”
1433  25/08/15 Mulcair “asked” to offer reinstatement to Morgan Wheeldon and Jerry Natanine by Ontario Civil Liberties Assn
1434  27/08/15 Two green thumbs way up for Ecology Ottawa, host of panel discussion on transition to 100% renewable energy
1435  29/08/15 “The NDP’s purge of pro-Palestine candidates can only help Stephen Harper”, says professor Justin Podur
1436  30/08/15 “Since Israel’s establishment, Canadian policy has gravitated toward the pro-Israel fringe of world politics”
1437  31/08/15 Why do people know so much about sports, so little about world affairs? asks Chomsky
1438  01/09/15 “Harperman, we want you gone, gone, gone” — Singing public servant put on leave for protest song
1439  02/09/15 Palestinian women who swarmed Israeli soldier beating a boy, 12, should have been shot, says Israel minister
1440  04/09/15 Call for Canada’s immigration minister to “spare us empty promises, lame excuses — resign!”
1441  05/09/15 Ecology Ottawa’s “clamour of protest” pays off at Ontario Energy Board hearings on Energy East
1442  06/09/15 Teary-eyed Harper’s lame excuses over death of Syrian infant are shameful
1443  07/09/15 100,000 UK residents petition for Netanyahu’s arrest for war crimes
1444  09/09/15 The film of Klein’s “This Changes Everything”, promises to leave audiences “refreshed and inspired”
1445  09/09/15 Government promises to reduce climate emissions fall far short of what’s needed, says Climate Action Tracker
1446  10/09/15 Standing ovation for Naomi Klein’s tour de force presentation in Australia — VIDEO
1447  10/09/15 The myth that America’s actions are for the greater good is exposed in new weekly video series
1448  11/09/15 No time for small steps — We need to “leap” to the next economy, says Naomi Klein
1449  12/09/15 “Our so-called leaders want the legacy of 9/11 to invoke fear of the rise of Islamic terrorism”
1450  14/09/15 Raining on Jeremy Corbyn’s victory parade as newly elected UK Party leader
1451  16/09/15 US neocons, whose war-mongering has already brought death to millions in Iraq, are at it again
1452  18/09/15 “Most of us don’t seem to like politics very much,” concludes CBC National News feature story
1453  18/09/15 “Leap Manifesto”, a compelling, positive vision for Canada’s climate and economy
1454  20/09/15 All the proof you need that human activity causes global warming, packaged in an intelligent 5-minute video
1455  20/09/15 Global over-consumption is the driving force behind economic and climate crises
1456  21/09/15 Everything you wanted to know about strategic voting Canada 2015… but couldn’t be bothered asking
1457  22/09/15 No Damn Difference election – All three leaders tout right-wing economic policies
1458  23/09/15 A vote for Harper is a vote for more war, more of his “protective stupidity.”
1459  24/09/15 It’s hard to know what the NDP stands for – other than getting elected
1460  27/09/15 Windsor residents not sufficiently involved in City decision making and planning processes
1461  27/09/15 The super-rich get super-richer, the super-poor get left behind — VIDEO
1462  28/09/15 Inequality is driving society apart, and now even the super-rich could be in trouble — VIDEO
1463  29/09/15 “People are being left behind big time,” says BC low-earner Laura Cairns
1464  30/09/15 Participatory budgeting, a great way for cities to directly engage residents in spending part of a public budget
1465  01/10/15 TPP free trade deal is really a stealth neoliberal assault on low-earners designed to protect investor rights
1466  02/10/15 How the rich and powerful took over the world and rigged the system
1467  03/10/15 Lampoon of State Dept. talking points on Syria for news propagandists
1468  04/10/15 Can anti-TPP forces triumph over tyrannical rich and powerful corporate and political policy makers?
1469  05/10/15 “The NDP is afraid of being associated with this radical document,” says Naomi Klein of Leap Manifesto
1470  06/10/15 Why is Harper government silent about alleged secret talks on integration of Canadian-US militaries?
1471  07/10/15 US-dominated TPP designed primarily to confront China economically and militarily
1472  07/10/15 TPP-Free Zones are being created by communities across the US and EU
1473  08/10/15 Mulcair’s ‘Harper lite’ election campaign leaves NDP on track to finish third
1474  08/10/15 Amara Possian defends Leadnow’s “Vote Together” strategy in a debate with Green Party candidate
1475  09/10/15 Secretive masters of the networked global economy
1476  10/10/15 Canada’s ISIS mission: Turns out we’re allied with a loser, the “dunces” in Washington
1477  11/10/15 “Well, who on earth armed ISIS?” asks Putin in response to US journalist
1478  12/10/15 Let us now compare Holocausts — Do not look away from the graphic images in this photo essay
1479  14/10/15 Mulcair ready to ‘assist’ Trudeau in becoming Canada’s next prime minister
1480  15/10/15 Shameful arms deal with despotic Saudi Arabia violates Canada’s export control rules
1481  17/10/15 Scientific community is self-censoring research to conform to views of vested interests
1482  18/10/15 US aims to hand over control of global legal and economic systems to its largest corporations
1483  20/10/15 “Trudeau and his Liberals will use their majority to enforce the dictates of the capitalist elite”
1484  20/10/15 When it comes to the climate, Prime Minister elect Trudeau has failed to distinguish himself
1485  21/10/15 Obama’s TPP enables corporate investors to terrorize member nations into doing what they’re told
1486  21/10/15 US officials use prospect of TTIP approval to bully EU to lift ban on cancer-causing pesticides and tar-sands oil
1487  22/10/15 Say goodbye to vital public services, like water, health, energy, if TTIP, CETA approved
1488  23/10/15 700-million dollar NAFTA lawsuit against Ontario gov. More trade deals, more lawsuits?
1489  25/10/15 My open letter to Prime Minister Trudeau – Cancel Canada’s secretive arms deal with Saudi Arabia
1490  25/10/15 Real change, eh? Trudeau backtracks on pledge to withdraw Canada from bombing missions
1491  26/10/15 Rise of the new fascists – Private security and military forces to serve and protect the wealthy
1492  27/10/15 Harper’s out. Trudeau’s in. So why aren’t Naomi Klein and Avi Lewis breathing more easily?
1493  28/10/15 UN official advises governments how to protect their interests in trade negotiations
1494  29/10/15 Top German lawmaker blasts anti-democratic TTIP deal
1495  30/10/15 Is TTIP dispute settlement mechanism legal?
1496  31/10/15 Indonesia ablaze — the greatest environmental disaster of the 21st Century, ignored by media
1497  02/11/15 What twisted moral calculus allows our party leaders to express “friendship and support” for Israel?
1498  04/11/15 Obama ridicules Republican presidential candidates, leaves crowd in stitches — VIDEO
1499  04/11/15 Call for adoption of BDS sanctions against Israel by US AFL-CIO
1500  05/11/15 “Real change promised by Trudeau and his Liberals will prove to be entirely superficial”
1501  06/11/15 Feel good story about a Free Store that means so much more to its town folk than just a store
1502  07/11/15 TPP exposed — Terms harmful to most Americans, contrary to Obama’s myth-based sales pitch
1503  08/11/15 Canada’s leading TPP watchdog demands “full public consultation”
1504  09/11/15 “TPP could cost Canada hundreds of billions of dollars,” says businessman Jim Balsillie
1505  09/11/15 Critics sound alarm bells as risky TPP details begin to emerge
1506  10/11/15 Battered by increasingly aggressive NAFTA lawsuits, will Canada fare any better under TPP?
1507  11/11/15 Trudeau government likely to approve TPP, a deal even worse than expected, says Toronto Star columnist
1508  12/11/15 Black American seeks asylum in Canada, finds life in US too dangerous
1509  12/11/15 New York City declared a TPP-Free Zone by Council-approved resolution
1510  13/11/15 TPP would make it significantly harder to prevent catastrophic climate change, says Naomi Klein
1511  14/11/15 “Can you bear the cost of $1,000 for a pill to treat Hepatitis C?,” asks WHO Director-General
1512  14/11/15 Maclean’s editorial and university prof celebrate the TPP as a great deal — Great for whom?
1513  15/11/15 Spanish judge starts legal process for arrest of Netanyahu and other key Israeli officials
1514  15/11/15 In open letter, young Palestinian woman chastises Hillary Clinton “for forgetting us”
1515  16/11/15 “We’re not going down this failed path anymore,” declares Bernie Sanders in TPP Senate speech
1516  17/11/15 “Die, you son of a bitch, die!” screams Israeli thugs at bloodied Palestinian boy
1517  17/11/15 TPP approval will force Canada to change digital policies to conform to “Made in America” standards
1518  18/11/15 Refugee tragedy — Faced with government apathy, volunteers from around the world step up to help
1519  19/11/15 TPP is “the worst trade agreement for access to medicines in developing countries”
1520  20/11/15 Representatives of 30 US organizations speak out against TPP
1521  20/11/15 Obama views Canada’s support for TPP as a done deal
1522  21/11/15 TPP prediction shocker by reporter Roger Jordan
1523  25/11/15 The US media cannot be trusted to present the truth, or anything approaching the truth
1524  29/11/15 Exposé — Postmedia newspapers are shilling for pro-petroleum industry lobbyists, says journalist
1525  30/11/15 Has Canada’s Trade Minister Chrystia Freeland already tweeted away her TPP sellout?
1526  02/12/15 “tell them what it’s like to see the entire ocean level with the land”
1527  03/12/15 Climate change denier groups face investigation by Canada’s Competition Bureau
1528  04/12/15 COP21 emissions reduction targets will lead to extremely dangerous temperature rise of 3-4 degrees
1529  04/12/15 “This is really a total fraud,” says climate scientist James Hansen about COP21
1530  05/12/15 The fundamental difficulty in reaching agreement at COP21 is that fossil fuels fuel capitalism
1531  05/12/15 University of Waterloo student group’s call for severing ties with Israeli universities draws Israel Lobby bullying
1532  06/12/15 The United States is being reduced to a third-rate, sorry excuse for a nation, say two esteemed critics
1533  07/12/15 Liberals’ pledge of “real change” is a fraud, masking a right-wing agenda
1534  09/12/15 In an act of defiant civil disobedience, activists will be in the streets of Paris on 12/12 at 12 noon
1535  09/12/15 The difference between signing and ratifying TPP is like the difference between dating and marriage
1536  11/12/15 America doesn’t have a fracking problem, it has a democracy problem, and citizens are fighting back
1537  12/12/15 Looking for TPP information on Government of Canada’s website? Here’s where to find it – For now
1538  13/12/15 COP21’s final report sends mixed messages — Whether it’s a turning point depends on us
1539  13/12/15 VIDEO — Panel of experts in Ottawa discuss complexities of technology and the TPP
1540  14/12/15 Fact-checking the COP21 climate deal
1541  15/12/15 Legal expert Michael Geist shares his concerns about the TPP agreement
1542  16/12/15 Nobel Laureate economist Joseph Stiglitz heaps scorn on TPP and TTIP
1543  17/12/15 Israeli sniper intentionally shoots and wounds Palestinian-Canadian last Friday
1544  18/12/15 Environmental groups call on public to support “People’s Injunction” against pipelines across Canada
1545  18/12/15  TPP is slated to become the most harmful trade agreement ever for access to medicines, says MSF president
1546  19/12/15 PM Trudeau says Saudi arms deal stands; Minister Dion tip-toes around human rights concerns with Saudi peer
1547  20/12/15 The not so well-kept secret is out – America is a plutonomy where only the rich matter
1548  21/12/15 Montreal Gazette spins BDS event at Concordia University as hate campaign against Jewish students
1549  27/12/15 Renewable energy – Hope or hype?
1550  28/12/15 Bill Rees’ Degrowth Vision – Planned descent toward socially just sustainability for all: Part 1
1551  29/12/15 Bill Rees’ Degrowth Vision – Planned descent toward socially just sustainability for all: Part 2
1552  30/12/15 Bill Rees’ Degrowth Vision – Planned descent toward socially just sustainability for all: Part 3
1553   31/12/15 Bill Rees’ Degrowth Vision – Planned descent toward socially just sustainability for all: Part 4
1554  01/01/16 From an 18th century age of enlightenment to a 21st century age of endarkenment – What went wrong?
1555  02/01/16 Ontario Gov. Act slaps down SLAPP lawsuits against citizens’ free speech on public matters
1556  03/01/16 Investigative journalists blow lid off US government’s secretive under-the-table assistance to jihadist groups
1557  04/01/16 Why was Foreign Affairs Minister Dion’s response to Saudi’s mass executions so lamentably lame?
1558  05/01/16 Saudis need not worry – “no state has the moral authority or will to attack this butchery”, and…
1559  07/01/16 Trudeau government fails to meet TPP promise to “ensure Canadians are consulted
1560  08/01/16 Canadians want a more participative democracy – Is Team Trudeau listening?
1561  10/01/16 Public review of TPP is badly needed, but will a meaningful process be forthcoming from Team Trudeau?
1562  11/01/16 How capitalism creates an extraordinarily corrupt and extraordinarily undemocratic political economy
1563  12/01/16 You can not have a capitalist democracy, they are radically incompatible, says Noam Chomsky
1564  13/01/16 goes after Team Trudeau for proceeding with review of Kinder Morgan pipeline
1565  13/01/16 Is the Trans-Pacific Partnership incompatible with democracy? My letter to Trade Minister Freeland
1566  14/01/16 Is Minister Freeland undervaluing TPP input from “ordinary citizens”?
1567  15/01/16 “Today, my body was a TV’d massacre” — A keenly distressing, awe-full poem — VIDEO
1568  18/01/16 DEMOCRACY SPRING — Huge U.S. civil disobedience march and sit-in planned for Washington this April
1569  19/01/16 Paris Agreement jeopardizes pursuit of a low-carbon future, says eminent climate scientist
1570  20/01/16 By ratifying TPP, Team Trudeau would saddle Canadians with higher drug prices, warns Michael Geist
1571  21/01/16 TPP huge threat to any Canadian law opposed by big multinationals, says Osgood Hall law prof
1572  21/01/16 A “sham”, says Burnaby BC’s legal counsel about National Energy Board’s review of Kinder Morgan project
1573  22/01/16 Trudeau breaks promise for complete overhaul of the National Energy Board review process
1574  24/01/16 Toronto Choir’s farewell to David Bowie packs an emotional wallop
1575  24/01/16 Is a stealth global coup d’état of democracy a real and present danger?
1576  25/01/16 BREAKING: Trade Minister Freeland now says Canada will sign TPP on February 4, 2016
1577  26/01/16 The World Economic Forum at Davos “represents everything that is wrong with the world”
1578  27/01/16 Here’s a refreshing vision of an economic model that serves the common good
1579  27/01/16 “I am strongly opposed to the TPP, and I echo calls to reject the agreement” – Elizabeth May, MP
1580  28/01/16 If the TPP is an immoral system that can’t be changed, will it do harm? Yes, said ‘citizen’ Chrystia Freeland
1581  29/01/16 TPP is an ethical flop, trading profits over people
1582  30/01/16 TPP will likely lock Canada into morally lax power relationships, blocking positive change in some policy areas
1583  31/01/16 TPP advocates promise balanced common good versus corporate interests. Really?
1584  01/02/16 My letter to MPs requesting help in having Canada’s trade minister explain how citizens’ TPP input will be used
1585  03/02/16 Worrying signs surface that Trudeau government has already decided to ratify the TPP
1586  04/02/16 With TPP, Canadians can expect higher health care risks and costs
1587  05/02/16 On the TPP, “the Liberals are going to do whatever they can get away with,” says Scott Vrooman
1588  06/02/16 Surprise — Trudeau government responds to my TPP feedback
1589  08/02/16 TPP Table of Contents links to documents on Government of Canada Web Site
1590  09/02/16 There is growing recognition and acceptance of the view that “The United States Created ISIS”
1591  10/02/16 “We own the world” – That’s America’s unspoken assumption, says Noam Chomsky
1592  11/02/16 ‘Expert’ elites determine whose voice counts in global trade policymaking, says Canadian academic
1593  12/02/16 Exposed — Misuse and abuse of mathematical economic models inflate gains from trade agreements
1594  12/02/16 Paul Jay and Chris Hedges go toe-to-toe in a verbal battle over the significance of Bernie’s campaign
1595  16/02/16 How smartphones are changing the way we think — for the worse
1596  17/02/16 Why the US economy has not recovered, will not recover
1597  18/02/16 What’s plaguing US politics?
1598  19/02/16 Gutless Liberal government supports Tory motion to condemn Canadian organizations that support Israel boycott
1599  21/02/16 Is anyone reading those emails we send to politicians?
1600  24/02/16 Making the case for effective petitioning
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