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1201  03/12/14 It is too late for sustainable development – World renowned Dennis Meadows explains why — VIDEO
1202  04/12/14 Can we find a full-scale replacement for fossil fuels soon and sustain it indefinitely?
1203  06/12/14 “We have crossed the threshold between acceptable and dangerous climate change”, says Kevin Anderson
1204  07/12/14 2°C target limit for average global temperature rise won’t prevent dangerous climate impacts
1205  08/12/14 With annual global emission increases of 3-5 percent, humans are hurtling towards a cliff
1206  09/12/14 Be wary of financial analysts peddling reduced climate risk compatible with economic growth
1207  09/12/14 We seem to be headed for a 4°C world. Climate scientist Kevin Anderson imagines what it would be like
1208  10/12/14 EXPOSED — Western methods of analysis underestimate reality of China, India climate emissions
1209  11/12/14 Who you gonna trust? Same science, widely different interpretations from competing factions
1210  12/12/14 Climate change — “The future is almost beyond what we can imagine”
1211  15/12/14 The proven effectiveness of “disruption” and “sacrifice” tactics in citizen protest movements
1212  17/12/14 Lima climate pact fails to act in interest of humankind
1213  20/12/14 “The takeaway for climate activists is to not back down” – That’s the lesson from NY fracking ban
1214  21/12/14 How US executed a maniacal, savage, and near-perfect takedown of the Russian economy
1215  25/12/14 Why is this the age of US citizen mass acquiescence rather than the age of resistance that erupted in the 1880s?
1216  26/12/14 Dear Matafele Peinem – A mother reads a love poem for her baby daughter at the UN Climate Summit
1217  27/12/14 CBC’s Evan Solomon’s knowledge base found wanting in interview with Foreign Minister John Baird
1218  28/12/14 Big money from Wall Street drives Obama’s push to fast track new Pacific Rim free trade deal
1219  29/12/14 Dr James Hansen advances an action plan that assures “real progress on climate”
1220  02/01/15 Stephen Harper is “the most vindictive politician I’ve ever met, someone who I think is ruthless to the bottom”
1221  03/01/15 Mission Accomplished!
1222  04/01/15 History prof speculates on possible consequences of Israeli conviction by ICC
1223  05/01/15 Palestinians are not going to get justice from the US, Israel, the UN, the EU or the Palestinian Authority
1224  08/01/15 How to run effective meetings — Excellent start-up tips for small groups, from Transition Network
1225  09/01/15 Game Changer — 99 percent of Alberta’s tar sands oil must stay buried to avert perilous warming, says new study
1226  10/02/15 New mega-infrastructure projects to rejuvenate global economy threaten Earth’s carrying capacity
1227  11/01/15 Defending freedom of speech is easy when you agree with the message and actively dislike the targeted group
1228  13/01/15 Je ne suis pas Charlie! I am not Charlie!
1229  13/01/15 Terrorism experts, high-paid advisers to government and media, exposed as charlatans
1230  14/01/15 Ontario Energy Board’s expert reports on Energy East project
1231  15/01/12 Naomi Klein rightly blames capitalism for climate change, but doesn’t go far enough
1232  16/01/15 Why will no one answer the obvious question about a proposed, secretive EU-US trade deal?
1233  17/01/15 Has America gone crazy? That’s the question on the minds of many Europeans
1234  18/01/15 “There is a vitality, a life force, a quickening that is translated through you into action”
1235  19/01/15 Philadelphia activist Liz Arnold is gripped by “a blessed unrest” that keeps her marching
1236  20/01/15 Norwegian climate expert despairs over citizens’ rejection of proposed 1 percent tax hike to fight climate change
1237  21/01/15 Amanda Lang scandal at CBC catches media star in conflict of interest, working on behalf of Royal Bank of Canada
1238  23/01/15 UK activists mount “vigorous and creative” campaign to stop fracking push
1239  24/01/15 We’re Number 1! We’re Number 1! Canada most sued country in the world thanks to NAFTA
1240  25/01/15 With opposition growing on all fronts, Obama’s Fast Track push will be defeated
1241  27/01/15 Could the rise of the leftist Syriza party in Greece mark the beginning of the end of neoliberalism?
1242  28/01/15 Swedish doctor dazzles audience with a spectacular futuristic display of our rapidly changing world
1243  29/01/15 Political shifts are shaking Europe. And in the UK, the emerging Greens seek nothing less than political transformation
1244  30/01/15 Ontario Energy Board officials short on answers about Energy East pipeline at Ottawa public meeting
1245  31/01/15 “When it comes to the Palestinian people, the Holocaust has hardened our hearts and closed our minds.”
1246  01/02/15 Send Harper a message — Don’t bail out big oil — Support Leadnow’s call to action
1247  01/02/15 The Ukraine – What pro-western mainstream media are hiding from you
1248  02/02/15 More media lies about so-called “Russian aggression” in the Ukraine –This time from the BBC
1249  02/02/15 Stolen Paradise – Video of the life stolen by militaristic capitalistic oligarchies
1250  03/02/15 Ukraine — The American war party is on the march, risking nuclear missile confrontation
1251  05/02/15 Climate scientists share their deepest feelings of grief over what is happening to Mother Earth
1252  05/02/15 Climate change debate with deniers going nowhere
1253  07/02/15 100,000 plus Canadians demand climate impacts be included in review of Energy East pipeline project
1254  09/02/15 Climate scientist, now Green Party MLA, Dr Andrew Weaver wins libel decision against National Post
1255  09/02/15 “It is hard to create large enough quantities of new renewables. We have practically nowhere to go”
1256  11/02/15 Harper’s anti-terror Bill C-51 is really about creating a secret police. It’s the “death of freedom”, says Elizabeth May
1257  12/02/15 National Academy of Sciences rejects geoengineering as solution to climate change
1258  13/02/15 Success of student fossil fuel divestment campaigns best measured by impact they have on students themselves
1259  14/02/15 Watch Big Oil’s propaganda video to deflect attention from dire climate impacts of burning fossil fuels
1260  15/02/15 Absent an international approach in reforming governance, transition to a just and sustainable world remains unattainable
1261  17/02/15 In this dark age, creating a self worth having is best done by considering one’s place in the biosphere as a whole
1262  17/02/15 The Absurdity Awareness Support Group confronts life’s absurdities
1263  18/02/15 In open letter to P.M., Ralph Nader blasts Harper’s anti-terror Bill as “gross overreaction”
1264  18/02/15 RCMP report warns of risk to fossil fuel industry from “small but violent-prone faction” of environmental groups
1265  19/02/15 Wise beyond his years, it’s hard to believe this indigenous rising star of the youth activist movement is just 14
1266  20/02/15 BREAKING — Hana Gan, 36, Canadian mom, single parent­, pregnant, denied exit at Israeli airport, now in hiding
1267  21/02/15 “Whose side are you on?” US Divestment Student Network to escalate campaign
1268  21/02/15 GOOD NEWS — Canada’s tar sands oil could be banned from Europe
1269  22/02/15 How is it that ruling elites can take us in a direction that is so detrimental to most of us?
1270  27/02/15 Harper’s Bill C-51 trumps freedom, protects oil industry interests, under guise of confronting terrorism
1271  03/03/15 Will our energy future be fueled by fossils or by abundant, renewable wind and sunlight?
1272  04/03/15 Dozens of Italian cities empower citizen action through city-citizen joint initiatives to improve city life
1273  05/03/15 Absent a mass uprising in the US, we are all doomed to ongoing oligarchic tyranny, says Tariq Ali
1274  06/03/15 Netanyahu’s wild diatribe before US Congress a “textbook case of propaganda unhinged from reality”, says Ralph Nader
1275  07/03/15 BC activists send BDS message to Air Canada and Harper government – Palestinian Lives Matter!
1276  09/03/15 Viewing audience of 175 million watch surprisingly candid documentary about China’s debilitating air pollution problem
1277  10/03/15 “We should raise the axe and cut off his head” – Israeli Foreign Minister calls for beheading of those disloyal to Israel
1278  10/03/15 Canada’s 3 opposition parties agree on NDP-sponsored bill, the Climate Change Accountability Act
1279  12/3/15 Why UN climate negotiation process repeatedly fails to achieve meaningful progress on climate change
1280  14/03/15 World’s leading alternative economic and social movements form strategic alliance to take on neoliberals
1281  16/03/15 Trudeau “spineless” say McGill students, rejecting his critical “enough is enough” tweet re Palestinian BDS vote
1282  16/03/15 Game changer? Guardian calls on Gates Foundation and Wellcome Trust to divest $70B from fossil fuel industry
1283  17/03/15 UPDATE – Video of Israeli police taking kids of Hana Gan, trapped, pregnant, Canadian mom
1284  18/03/15 “The climate change genie is out of the bottle and a failure to act could clearly cost us our prosperity”
1285  19/03/15 Heroic Israeli journalist calls for “general elections to choose a new Israeli people”
1286  20/03/15 Tips from new book on how to improve the planning effectiveness of grassroots groups
1287  21/03/15 92-year-old sensation, anti-austerity campaigner for UK Labour Party, sets his sights on Harper
1288  23/03/15 Lawyer offers Canadians 4 ways to protect themselves from Harper’s anti-terrorism Bill C-51
1289  24/03/15 The sorry state of Canada’s democracy
1290  25/03/15 Little Hamza bears the horrific scars of Israel’s merciless white incendiary rain on Gaza
1291  26/03/15 As economy falters, Canada’s Viceroy of the Oil Patch reinvents himself as a wartime PM
1292  27/03/15 Comedian Scott Vrooman slams leader of federal liberal party — “Justin Trudeau. He says stuff, but does he mean stuff?”
1293  28/03/15 How the Leftist rulers of France, Greece, and Brazil betrayed their followers
1294  30/03/15 Is it true that no one wants to halt economic growth in order to reduce emissions?
1295  31/03/15 Central banks have used 2008 bailout funds to inflate a new set of Monster Bubbles
1296  01/04/15 Obama’s misleading plan cuts carbon emissions by less than half needed to avoid catastrophic warming
1297  01/04/15 Harper Cons cloak predatory aims of US/Canadian imperialism, cynically claiming to be coming to rescue of innocents
1298  02/04/15 New book examines how policy makers’ worship of growth sabotaged 1972 scientific findings on limits to growth
1299  03/04/15 Determined to address humanity’s deepest crises, U.S. team launches ambitious project
1300  04/04/15 Put a high price on carbon emissions now before it is too late, says international team of climate scientists
1301  05/04/15 Harper Watch dishes out more bad news for PM’s Cons – That’s the good news
1302  06/04/15 Will young voters show up at the ballot box in October to help unseat Harper?
1303  07/04/15 American capitalism curbs freedom, impoverishes vast majority, devastates ecosystems
1304  09/04/15 Canadians want political action on carbon pollution, a say in energy decision-making, and more – New Poll
1305  10/04/15 Citizen advocacy org taking PM Harper’s Office to court for bribing Senator
1306  10/04/15 “Our entire world is at the mercy of an elite business community who run it in secret”, asserts Matt Kennard
1307  11/04/15 Fact-checking Harper’s Finance Minister, “Shady” Joe Oliver, could become a full-time occupation
1308  11/04/15 Canadian Senator Mike Duffy’s diaries reveal sleaze in the not-so-hallowed-halls of Parliament
1309  12/04/15 US 2016 presidential race will give voters choice between two right-wingers committed to protect Wall Street’s interests
1310  13/04/15 With the U.S. governed by an uninformed body of citizens, the entire planet is at risk
1311  14/04/15 We Canadians need to pressure the Liberal Party to join the ‘no’ side on C-51, says Elizabeth May
1312  15/04/15 Dutch foundation and 900 co-plaintiffs file lawsuit against State for failing to cut emissions to curb climate change
1313  18/04/15 “Like it or not, we are living in the twilight period of democracy itself” – Tariq Ali on the New World Disorder
1314  20/04/15 Modern capitalism’s death spiral
1315  21/04/15 Trudeau-Harper coalition outcome in 2015 election? Bad news for Leadnow’s “Vote Together” strategy?
1316  23/04/15 Canadian Jewish group slams Harper’s threat to criminalize criticism of Israel
1317  23/04/15 The thugs Harper will be aiding and abetting when he sends our troops to Ukraine
1318  24/04/15 Towards a more economically secure, ecologically stable, and socially equitable future
1319  26/04/15 Will Bolivia’s Evo Morales chart an exit from his Capitalist Bridge to the promised land of Socialism?
1320  27/04/15 It’s inevitable that we will have less total energy in our renewable future, says Richard Heinberg
1321  28/04/15 GAME CHANGER – CO2 emissions must ramp down to zero immediately
1322  30/04/15 Global crisis of capitalism raises specter of 21st century fascism, says US prof
1323  01/05/15 Bold new campaign: US progressives seek to overthrow entrenched policies of the wealthy and the powerful
1324  04/05/15 Looking for an opportunity to make a difference as a global citizen? — The Pachamama Alliance may be for you
1325  05/05/15 Five contemporary movements pushing humanity to change course, to save the planet
1326  07/05/15 What neoliberal capitalists don’t want you to know about how they rule the world
1327  07/05/15 Trudeau Libs stiff Canadians with “Yes” C-51 vote – Advocacy group promises payback come October election
1328  08/05/15 New book explores Harper’s manipulative, democracy-wrecking, thought control schemes
1329  10/05/15 Facebook’s new threatens to become the de facto gatekeeper of the world’s information traffic
1330  10/05/15 Denmark’s promotion of a cost-free, business-as-usual switch to renewables is delusional
1331  11/05/15 Hitler reacts to news of NDP’s spectacular breakthrough victory on Alberta front
1332  12/05/15 What economists don’t know about physical limits to growth could kill us
1333  13/05/15 Be wary of pro-economic, pro-climate, “green job” fantasy
1334  14/05/15 Alberta’s NDP victory contributes to delusion that elections can transform capitalism into just, sustainable society
1335  16/05/15 Canadian socialist takes swipe at Alberta’s incoming NDP government and surging federal NDP
1336  16/05/15 Harper’s proposed RCMP crime cover-up legislation exposed by Canada’s Information Commissioner
1337  16/05/15 In defiance of Harper’s warning, Canadians will be on board Freedom Flotilla III boats heading for Gaza
1338  17/05/15 The more fascistic and racist the Israeli government becomes, the stronger Harper’s support
1339  18/05/15 Here’s just a little of what Stephen Harper doesn’t want you to know about Israel’s crimes against Palestinians
1340  18/05/15 Terminator-in-Chief Harper removes, silences government watchdogs, senior bureaucrats who cross him
1341  19/05/15 Federal government scientists have been working in a climate of fear, says newly retired Halifax biologist
1342  19/05/15 How Apple makes billions by stealing ideas, evading taxes, exploiting workers, ripping off customers and taxpayers
1343  20/05/15 Stephen Harper: Is he Canada’s worst prime minister ever?
1344  21/05/15 Heartfelt protest letter to big corporations – “We tried so hard to be good, but it didn’t work. You had to take it all.”
1345  22/05/15 Mulcair “forceful”, Trudeau “too wobbly”, Harper “appalling”, strategic voting “silly and pointless”
1346  24/05/15 Harper Gov has its head in the oil sands, appears likely to overshoot 2020 and 2030 emission targets
1347  24/05/15 It is past time for a massive mobilization to pressure political leaders to act decisively on climate change
1348  25/05/15 Rapid developments in renewables signals movement toward a true-cost, steady state economy
1349  26/05/15 EXCITING BREAKTHROUGH — Citizen platform of Barcelona wins municipal elections
1350  30/05/15 Fact-checking federal NDP and leader Mulcair’s track record may be bump on road to election victory
1351  30/05/15 Is climate movement in denial? — Renewables cannot sustain our Western growth-based consumer lifestyles
1352  31/05/15  “The case for the tar sands is crumbling,” declares new report
1353  01/06/15 Pro-Palestinian student activists targetted on despicable website run by clandestine scumbags
1354  01/06/15 Despite the hype, transitioning to renewable energy is likely to take decades
1355  02/06/15 Renowned climate scientist Michael Mann optimistic about finding climate change solutions
1356  02/06/15 VIDEO — WikiLeaks offers $100,000 reward for copies of secret TPP document chapters
1357  03/06/15 After Denton, TX residents voted to ban fracking, Texas state lawmakers passed a law barring fracking bans
1358  04/06/15 Help persuade Ontario premier Kathleen Wynne to refuse “honour” from Israel lobby group
1359  05/06/15 Visually stunning, awful aerial images of mankind’s rape of Mother Earth
1360  05/06/15 What this legislation creates is a modern-day Gestapo,” says constitutional lawyer of Harper’s Bill C-51
1361  06/06/15 Democratic revolution in Spain, empowered citizens celebrate municipal election victories
1362  06/06/15 Six lessons activists can learn from Spain’s democratic revolution
1363  08/06/15 Puppet Harper strings along with support for US-installed neo-Nazi government in Ukraine
1364  08/06/15 Stephen Harper: Is he Canada’s worst prime minister ever? Part Two
1365  09/06/15 G7 and EU climate plans place world at “extreme risk” of failing to hold warming below 2°C limit
1366  09/06/15 Cowardly Ban Ki-moon caves in to US/Israel pressure, takes Israel off UN list of serious child abusers
1367  11/06/15 Burn, baby, burn. Senate sets Canadian democracy ablaze, passes Bill C-51
1368  12/06/15 Irish MP’s question to PM: “Are you aware Netanyahu and leading Ministers believe it is legitimate to kill Palestinians?”
1369  14/06/15 Al Gore heading to Toronto to lead July 9-10 training event for new Climate Reality Leaders
1370  14/06/15 Civil disobedience could be our last best hope to reverse climate change, says US historian, activist
1371  15/06/15 Petition from 224,000 citizens unlikely to keep corporate polluters out of COP 21 Paris talks
1372  16/06/15 Doonesbury cartoon strip captures the vacuousness of US Network News
1373  17/05/15 Calling all Canadians to support First Nations’ “Pull Together” fundraiser to STOP Northern Gateway pipeline
1374  18/05/15 Pope’s encyclical, “On Care for Our Common Home”, aimed directly at world’s economic and political elites
1375  19/05/15 AMAZING — How a new global movement plans to solve climate, hunger, health, and democracy crises
1376  21/05/15 Defying embargo, Palestinians finally begin official internal boycott of Israeli products – a first in 20 years
1377  23/06/15 Immediate global climate action saves lives, avoids significant damage, says new US EPA study
1378  23/06/15 Coming downside of digital revolution – job loss, extreme inequality
1379  24/06/15 As automation gets cheaper than labour costs, developing economies are being hit hardest
1380  27/06/15 US UN Ambassador ignores “solid evidence” about events in Ukraine – “It’s much easier for her simply to lie.”
1381  28/06/15 Alberta’s new climate plan, promoted as “important first steps”, allows tar sands emissions to keep rising
1382  28/06/15 Tariq Ali deconstructs what’s going on in this Modern Greek Tragedy, with unkind words for all the players
1383  30/06/15 VIDEO shows Israeli thugs using Tasers in violent assault on Freedom Flotilla III ship heading for Gaza
1384  01/07/15 How German and French banks financed Greece’s bankruptcy
1385  02/07/15 The eurozone is waging financial war on Greece to teach it a lesson, says Michael Hudson
1386  03/07/15 SHOCKING ASSERTION — Referendum has been called to give political cover for Syriza’s surrender to the EU
1387  04/07/15 Student sit-in target leaders’ offices – Mulcair’s staff polite, welcoming — Trudeau’s don’t answer, lock doors
1388  05/07/15 Stephen Harper, let us count the reasons why we fear and loath you
1389  06/07/15 Another revolution of the ultra-rich against the poor is taking place in Greece
1390  07/07/15 In Greece, signs of Tsipras’ collusion with Greek and international ruling oligarchs, capitulation to EU demands
1391  07/07/15 Investigative reporter Bruce Livesey gives the inside story of how Harper will win the 2015 election
1392  08/07/15 Canada’s all-party consensus on Israel/Palestine is a consensus on the ongoing slaughter of innocent Palestinians
1393  09/07/15 Evidence mounting that German-led austerity policies have unwittingly awakened a dormant leftist beast
1395  10/07/15 “Speak up. Don’t let denial go unchallenged”, urges Al Gore at Climate Reality training session
1396  11/07/15 How Ottawa’s grassroots citizen advocacy team plans to get the federal government it wants in October
1397  13/07/15 Signs of global ecosystem collapse are more severe, more frequent, harder to ignore
1398  14/07/15 How neoliberal governments use austerity as a weapon to weaken people’s power to resist
1399  15/07/15 Citizen-led experiment yields increases in voter participation, better-informed citizens in Florida precinct
1400  16/07/15 A mantra for those who prefer not to read the headlines
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