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No Date Title
1 25/3/10 The rapid rise ─ and equally fast fall ─ of a Residents Advisory Panel. Part 1: Lessons learned in the start-up phase
2 28/3/10 Transition Movement: Ordinary folks busy building communities
3 30/3/10 Chatham Citizens for Effective Communities (CCEC)
4 5/4/10 The rapid rise — and equally fast fall — of a Residents Advisory Panel. Part 2: Importance of decision-making guidelines
5 11/4/10 The rapid rise — and equally fast fall — of a Residents Advisory Panel. Part 3: Importance of effective communication
6 13/4/10 Science guy, Greg Craven, takes on the climate-change denialists single-handedly
7 14/4/10 Windsor locavore seeks public support to allow city residents to keep backyard chickens
8 17/4/10 Tribute to Linda Belanger, Ottawa’s indefatigable champion for justice for the Palestinians in the Occupied Territories
9 18/4/10 Looking for novel ways to express a political protest? These may inspire.
10 20/4/10 “And so we find ourselves in the chapter of history I would entitle: Isolation and Efficiency . . .”
11 22/4/10 Kudos to Dr Andrew Weaver for launching a libel suit against the National Post
12 25/4/10 The rapid rise — and equally fast fall — of a Residents Advisory Panel. Part 4: In the words of Yogi Berra, “If you don’t know where you’re going, you’ll wind up somewhere else.”
13 4/5/10 Building effective grassroots organizations through good planning: A modest proposal
14 23/5/10 Rob Hopkins, man on a Transition mission
15 24/5/10 Arthur’s “Onaen” Project
16 29/5/10 So you want to grow your team into a movement. Here’s how –
17 7/6/10 Teachers Betsy and Terri “thrilled” with reception to Transition Peninsula Initiative
18 13/6/10 Is Humanity Inherently Unsustainable? By Prof Wm Rees: Pt 1/13 Summary
19 13/6/10 Is Humanity Inherently Unsustainable? Pt 2/13: We’re in a state of overshoot
20 13/6/10 Is Humanity Inherently Unsustainable? Pt 3/13: Heading towards a 4°C world
21 13/6/10 Is Humanity Inherently Unsustainable? Pt 4/13: It’s our brain, stupid
22 14/6/10 Is Humanity Inherently Unsustainable? Pt 5/13: Mental tension and conflict in the human brain
23 14/6/10 Is Humanity Inherently Unsustainable? Pt 6/13: Yes, humanity is inherently unsustainable
24 15/6/10 Is Humanity Inherently Unsustainable? Pt 7/13: Over-populating. Over-consuming. Over-eating.
25 15/6/10 Is Humanity Inherently Unsustainable? Pt 8/13: Oil triggers population explosion
26 18/6/10 Is Humanity Inherently Unsustainable? Pt 9/13: Case study of collapse by resource over-exploitation
27 19/6/10 Is Humanity Inherently Unsustainable? Pt 10/13: Myth of perpetual economic growth in a finite world
28 21/6/10 Is Humanity Inherently Unsustainable? Pt 11/13: Myth shattered — Economic growth does NOT reduce world poverty
29 22/6/10 Is Humanity Inherently Unsustainable? Pt 12/13: Trapped in a consumer cycle of unhappiness
30 23/6/10 Is Humanity Inherently Unsustainable? Pt 13/13: We must create a new global cultural narrative
31 4/7/10 Tip of the hat to Seattle Council President for YES! Magazine article
32 5/7/10 Barbara Kingsolver on borders between the haves and the have-nots
33 6/7/10 Holding Ontario Liberals to account for G20 outrage
34 15/7/10 “Lily’s Chickens” – A love story
35 23/7/10 Transition movement: current successes, future prospects
36 31/7/10 Lament for Canada’s Partners for Climate Protection (PCP) program: Pt 1/2: What is PCP? Why and how does it exert influence on municipal climate change policy?
37 1/8/10 Lament for Canada’s Partners for Climate Protection (PCP) program. Pt 2/2: The “lamentable” evidence
38 5/8/10 For my gardening friends — Climate-friendly gardening tips
39 5/8/10 I ask Ecojustice — “Are there grounds to take legal action against the feds?”
40 5/8/10 Mild-mannered Bill McKibben mad as hell. Uses the “f” word
41 10/8/10 Clean air victory for concerned St. Catharine residents.
42 11/8/10 Windsor’s climate action plan: too little, too late?
43 12/8/10 Desperately seeking Sandra. The “unaccountable” Windsor MPP Pupatello.
44 16/8/10 Tens of thousands of Aussies protest gov’t inaction on climate change
45 21/8/10 How a UK food co-op is taking on the supermarkets and building community resilience
46 22/8/10 Clayton Ruby alleges McGuinty and Harper are both implicated in G20
47 23/8/10 Just Imagine! Windsor-Essex as a Transition County!
48 24/8/10 Clayton Ruby: “What we’ve seen here is a picture of the police state to come.”
49 25/8/10 Cycling death: UK mom takes on global giant and wins
50 26/8/10 “How to be a Minister of Natural Resources for Dummies”
51 26/8/10 Canadian activists to launch Boat to Gaza this fall
52 27/8/10 Here’s to Stacy Mitchell and curbing the power of big-box retailers
53 27/8/10 Stacy Mitchell: Grassroots financing is underwriting a new crop of neighborhood businesses
54 4/9/10 “Overdose: The Next Financial Crisis” Let’s all do the “Bailout Bubble”
55 4/9/10 “Overdose: The Next Financial Crisis” Pt 1/6: “They took down the financial symbols of America”
56 4/9/10 “Overdose: The Next Financial Crisis” Pt 2/6: Bush policies create a housing market on steroids
57 5/9/10 “Overdose: The Next Financial Crisis” Pt 3/6: Banks fail despite Bernanke’s reassurance
58 5/9/10 “Overdose: The Next Financial Crisis” Pt 4/6: Fast track to economic suicide
59 5/9/10 “Overdose: The Next Financial Crisis” Pt 5/6: It’s déjà vu all over again
60 5/9/10 “Overdose: The Next Financial Crisis” Pt 6/6: “The clock is ticking and time is not in our favor”
61 8/9/10 “U.S. bankrupt” says economics prof. Pt 1/2: Fiscal policy is “fiscal childhood abuse”
62 9/9/10 “U.S. bankrupt” says economics prof Pt 2/2: “With 500 cooks in Congress making laws, we’re going to end up in a mess”
63 11/9/10 The Joy of Music at the Market
64 13/9/10 Visionary lawyer, Polly Higgins, campaigns to have ‘ecocide’ recognized as international crime
65 16/9/10 What’s eating climate activist and artist, Leo Murray?
66 16/9/10 Leo Murray: Creator of “Wake Up, Freak Out — then Get a Grip”
67 23/9/10 Canada’s Transition Communities
68 24/9/10 So you want to fight city hall. Here’s how: Pt 1/3: Build a citizen advocacy organization
69 25/9/10 So you want to fight city hall. Here’s how: Pt 2/3: Develop an understanding of political decision-making and power politics
70 26/9/10 So you want to fight city hall. Here’s how: Pt 3/3: Going to War
71 28/9/10 “Organize to Win” success story: How Oakvillegreen helped stop paving of nature trail
72 2/10/10 Oct 2, 2010 — Will this be a watershed day for U.S. Progressives?
73 5/10/10 Is it time for a Labor Party in the U.S.? And Canada?
74 8/10/10 What inhibits us from acting on climate change?
75 10/10/10 Activists, be prepared to deal with psychological barriers to climate-change action
76 11/10/10 How to communicate climate-change information to the public
77 17/10/10 “Hero for the Green Century”, Hermann Scheer, dies at age 66
78 19/10/10 G20 Summit / MPP Pupatello update: Encouraging development
79 21/10/10 McMurtry’s G20 probe: “More smoke and mirrors?”
80 22/10/10 Looking for a creative way to protest the Tar Sands or any other cause? — Try this
81 24/10/10 Riding the wave of Ontario’s community energy initiatives
82 28/10/10 “Million Letter March” to U.S. Congress off to an embarrassingly slow start
83 5/11/10 Cycle Chic in Copenhagen and Beyond
84 6/11/10 16-year-old Alec Loorz organizing “Million Kid March”
85 7/11/10 U.S. engaging in financial warfare claim two distinguished economists
86 8/11/10 Stiglitz and Galbraith call for prosecution of bankers
87 9/11/10 Nader on destruction of democracy in America?
88 16/11/10 Univ of Michigan students protest Israeli soldier campus visit
89 20/11/10 Post Carbon Institute presents 300 years of fossil-fuel growth in 339 seconds
90 22/11/10 Burlington’s solar energy co-op offers residents investment opportunity
91 23/11/10 The Natural Step Canada: An alternative approach to building sustainable communities
92 6/12/10 Hamilton 350 protests federal inaction and Senate obstruction on climate change
93 8/12/10 “The U.N. process . . . it’s getting nowhere . . .” Bill McKibben
94 10/12/10 The day Harper MP Jeff Watson threatened to throw me out of his constituency office. Part 1/2: The Meeting
95 10/12/10 The day Harper MP Jeff Watson threatened to throw me out of his constituency office. Part 2/2: Opposing Viewpoint
96 12/12/10 Two Stories: In one, a Canadian weeps for Canada. In the other, celebrities celebrate GREED!
97 13/12/10 In rousing speech, 15 year old student warns UK ruling class: “We will fight back!”
98 24/12/10 Mirlanda, the Haitian girl with the “extraordinary smile” will capture your heart. Thank you Médecins Sans Frontières
99 25/12/10 Rebecca Solnit reminds us of the “Territories of Hope”
100 31/12/10 Ramzy Baroud, too, finds reason for hope as 2010 draws to a close
101 2/1/11 Defiant Free Gaza activists vow: “If governments won’t act, we will”
102 4/1/11 Canadian Boat to Gaza update
103 11/1/11 UK climate scientist warns we are headed for a catastrophic 4C rise in temperature
104 12/1/11 Scientists agonize over how to communicate climate change to the public
105 18/1/11 “The church, peak oil, and my old watch” A beautiful story for ugly times
106 20/1/11 Transition Victoria’s 2009 Strategic Plan
107 22/1/11 Two Alberta profs pitch city sustainability, resilience
108 23/1/11 “We must see climate change as an ethical problem.”
109 30/1/11 In a crisis, will elite decision makers act in your best interests? Here’s how to tell.
110 30/1/11 Why Justin Norman protests torture in face of public indifference and hostility
111 3/2/11 In Egypt reporting, Al Jazeera provides credible alternative to mainstream coverage
112 3/2/11 Rabbi reports growing upsurge of Jewish support for Egyptian uprising
113 4/2/11 Jewish Voice for Peace activist threatened by unknown “cowards”
114 6/2/11 Egyptian activist blogger: “America, just leave us alone”
115 9/2/11 Ontario MPP Sandra Pupatello’s disappointing non-response to G-20 concerns
116 9/2/11 Asmaa Mahfouz: The young Egyptian activist who ignited the historic Egyptian Revolution
117 10/2/11 Can Joseph Tainter save us from ourselves? Pt 1/7: The future ain’t what it used to be
118 13/2/11 Can Joseph Tainter save us from ourselves? Pt 2/7: “Historical knowledge is essential to sustainability”
119 14/2/11 Can Joseph Tainter save us from ourselves? Pt 3/7: How complex societies can remain sustainable
120 17/2/11 Can Joseph Tainter save us from ourselves? Pt 4/7: Why societies become complex. How complexity triggers collapse
121 20/2/11 Can Joseph Tainter save us from ourselves? Pt 5/7: Fossil fuels gave Industrial Revolution sustainable problem solving system
122 22/2/11 Can Joseph Tainter save us from ourselves? Pt 6/7: We can’t innovate our way to a sustainable future
123 24/2/11 Can Joseph Tainter save us from ourselves? Pt 7/7: Seven strategies for coping with complexity
124 27/2/11 sustainability’ ‘resiliency’ ‘complexity’ ‘collapse’: Do you really know what these terms mean?
125 2/3/11 Talk about sustainable energy, sure, but use numbers, not adjectives
126 3/3/11 What the FRACK! Fracking hell: the true cost of America’s gas rush
127 4/3/11 For James Travers, a great Canadian political columnist, dead at 62.
128 4/3/11 Did I just hear Hillary praise Al Jazeera and trash US media?
129 5/3/11 Youth-driven organization aims to change the face of federal politics in Canada
130 7/3/11 “Is humanity inherently unsustainable?”: Link to full transcript and mp3 audio of Prof Rees’ lecture
131 8/3/11 Calgary’s plan to reduce greenhouse gas emissions
132 9/3/11 Felix Finkbeiner, 13, says “Stop talking. Start planting.”
133 10/3/11 Eben Moglen: “Centralized services like Facebook can kill you”
134 13/3/11 U.S. Senator: New Facebook policy “will place users at great risk”
135 14/3/11 “Government can track your every move and statement”
136 15/3/11 Now here’s how to fire up a crowd!
137 22/3/11 releases budget priorities from 75 conversations with Canadians
138 22/3/11 New book examines Harper’s agenda to remake Canada “by stealth”. Should Canadians be concerned?
139 23/3/11 Amazing Legal Defense Fund takes on Big Corporations, declaring Nature has Rights. Pt 1/3: Meet Mari Margil
140 23/3/11 Amazing Legal Defense Fund takes on Big Corporations, declaring Nature has Rights. Pt 2/3: A way out of “the box”
141 24/3/11 Amazing Legal Defense Fund takes on Big Corporations, declaring Nature has Rights. Pt 3/3: Who speaks for the trees?
142 30/3/11 Community Environmental Legal Defense Fund spearheads “massive disobedience” to U.S. law
143 4/4/11 Pittsburgh ordinance bans gas drilling: first city in U.S. to do so
144 4/4/11 87 reasons to vote against Harper’s bullies
145 5/4/11 Yet another story of Harper’s bullying and undermining of our democracy
146 5/4/11 Harm Harper’s done to our country is beyond imagining
147 5/4/11 “Vote strategically to oust Harper” urges distinguished Canadian scholar
148 6/4/11 Strategic voting has pitfalls warns Straight Goods News
149 8/4/11 Ten (more) reasons “why the Tories shouldn’t run or represent Canada”
150 8/4/11 “Election another chance to finally toss Harper out” — poll results
151 10/4/11 Harper’s record of gutting dissent gives whole new meaning to “bully pulpit”
152 11/4/11 Women across Hamilton are breaking up with Stephen Harper (video)
153 12/4/11 Check out Election Almanac for latest election news
154 14/4/11 “The Harper song: Steve, Steve, it’s time to leave” by John Roby. WOW!
155 18/4/11 Marshall Ganz: On building effective citizen action teams
156 19/4/11 Marshall Ganz: On where and how the powerless can get power
157 20/4/11 Marshall Ganz: On the power of personal storytelling in activist team-building
158 21/4/11 Ignatieff’s rousing “Rise up” speech. Tories quickly insert it in attack ads
159 21/4/11 Want to see more of the Koch brothers at play in our tar sands? Vote Conservative
160 21/4/11 Author Nino Ricci sarcastically exposes Harper’s “nakedness” in open letter
161 23/4/11 Stop Harper: Importance of getting out the vote
162 27/4/11 Is Election 2011 outcome really in the hands of “the less educated and less sophisticated parts of society”?
163 27/4/11 CCPA: A research body the “less educated, less sophisticated” are likely to use
164 28/4/11 Canadians “cool” on “trust, ethics, and accountability?” “Balderdash” says this Canadian
165 28/4/11 Vote because you can, urges
166 28/4/11 Democracy Watch releases “Report Card on 2011 Good Gov’t Election Platforms”
167 30/4/11 “Vote the Canada that can be … a return to tolerance and decency”
168 30/4/11 U of T Prof straight from the heart: “Harper majority would kill Canada’s Parliamentary Democracy”
169 5/5/11 One amazing teen: Sued U.S. gov’t on Wed. Kicks off his “Million Kid March” this Sat.
170 8/5/11 Youth turn to legal action as means to power, as means to hold leaders accountable for climate change inaction
171 8/5/11 Mary C. Wood, creator of road map for citizens to bring lawsuits against government
172 10/5/11 Climate scientists warn Earth is in “imminent peril.” So, why the public apathy?
173 12/5/11 “People aren’t stupid, but when it comes to politics they are ignorant, lazy and easily satisfied with pat answers to difficult questions”
174 14/5/11 Economics prof warns U.S. is precipitating another global financial crisis
175 15/5/11 Commemorating the 50th anniversary of Freedom Rides and daring leadership of Diane Nash
176 19/5/11 What is resilience in people and ecosystems? (Video)
177 19/5/11 How resilience thinking can turn crisis into opportunity
178  21/5/11 Why you can’t “green” capitalism
179  23/5/11 “My Water’s on Fire Tonight” (The Fracking Song)
180  27/5/11 “What we love we must protect because that’s what love means.” Let Sandra Steingraber’s words ring out across this continent.
181  29/5/11 What is the biggest challenge the world is facing within the next 10 years?
182  29/5/11 Charles Dobson wants to increase citizen involvement in finding solutions to the big problems we face
183  31/5/11 Music and poetry for dissidents: Ravel, Dharker, and McLachan
184  31/5/11 Nawal El Saadawi: “If you are creative you must be dissident. And if you are female you must be a feminine dissident”
185  2/6/11 Mother Earth to human residents: “Get the fuck out of here!”
186  4/6/11 Dr Jim Hansen: Further exploitation of tar sands will have “disastrous global climate impacts.” Urges scientific community to join “this fray now.”
187  5/6/11 My letter in support of Dr Hansen’s “Silence is Deadly” appeal
188  7/6/11 Senate page captures international attention in “Stop Harper” protest
189  9/6/11 “We are coming to Washington to stay”: Nation-wide people’s occupation of D.C.’s Freedom Plaza, Oct 6, 2011
190  10/6/11 Canada’s premier energy summit releases its report. Is there a glaring omission?
191  10/6/11 The story that made me weep for America
192  12/6/11 “Next Up”: Leadership program for young Canadians committed to social and environmental justice
193  14/6/11 The scary trials and tribulations of being a citizen activist in Amerika
194  16/6/11 Get involved: International “Stop Tar Sands” day of action, Sat. June 18
195  16/6/11 Four Nobel Women’s Initiative: Gaza Flotilla II letter to Ban Ki-moon
196  16/6/11 Wales, NY, latest to adopt community rights ordinance banning “fracking”
197  17/6/11 Environment Hamilton: Not-for-profit citizen action group exhibits winning formula
198  18/6/11 Has the Pembina Institute found a chink in Canada’s Tar Sands armour?
199  19/6/11 “The Lonesome Death of Rachel Corrie” by Billy Bragg
200  19/6/11 Names of delegates aboard Canadian boat to Gaza

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